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Hi Biggies,

Another set of learning resources for the week.

Remember the Family Learning Challenge . Give it a go, I’ve done mine and it was good fun. Due on Monday!

The Teams meeting are getting quite busy, if you have not come along please do, you can sit quietly and listen for a while if you like.

Remember if you need help get in touch either in Teams, by e-mail or fill in this form

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Monday: 2:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am
Wednesday: 2:00 pm
Thursday 11:00am

I am changing the order of the learning this week. Can you think why?



Drawing Challenge

See if you can draw every day this week. Just spend 5 or 10 minutes sitting quietly sketching some objects in front of you. Use a pencil. look at the lines. Draw what is there.

Do you remember how we made observational drawing in class. How much you needed to concentrate and how quiet it was? Choose an object or collect a few together and try and make a pencil drawing. Start by looking carefully. Don’t worry if things are not perfect. Here are some examples from previous years:

still life drawing for kids – YouTube

Post the ones you like to your e-portfolio and the one you want to share to the Biggies Art Gallery.

Photography Challenge

You need to try and take as many of these photos as you can within half an hour. Spend some time planning first if you like.

  • Your favourite smell.
  • Make a photograph of the front of a building.
  • Create a photograph that illustrations connection.
  • Take a picture of anger, or something that makes you angry.
  • Make a creative photo of paired opposites.
  • Red
  • Get closer and fill the frame.

Add your photos to a gallery on your blog. Make sure and try to add a caption. Here is mine.

Make a Fish

I know some of you have cardboard and glue sticks you could make a fish:



NHS Topic

We have not had much of a response to the work on the Scottish Parliament. So I’ve have uploaded this NHS topic from North Lanarkshire. You could work on this over the next few weeks. Try to organise the work you do. You could make a folder or put it on your e-Portfolio and make a NHS category. There are some Social Science tasks, Health & Wellbeing ones and some Expressive Arts.

Minecraft Education Edition

Virtual Banton is coming along nicely. Well done to those involved so far. If you want to join in check in Teams for times the server is open and the join code. There is a school, houses, roads and a pub.


Health & Well Being

chalk drawing in the park
Hop Snake a game I found in the park.

Think of a creative way to keep fit. What can you do differently this week. Can you make an obstacle course in your garden or a creative routine of exercises. Take photos, write a list or draw a plan.
Post to your e-Portfolio.


Choose one exercise. Do it for 5 minutes everyday. Do you get better? fed up?





Read a book, Explore a word | ReadTheory |  Spelling

If you need a book you can go to Free eBook library | Oxford Owl I have emailed you and your parents the class password.

Share a Book

Choose a book you have read during lockdown and tell us about it. Think of an interesting way to do this. You could make a comic, record your voice, create a presentation, make a movie or even write about it.

Don’t just try and do this quickly, take your time and make a really good job of it. Start one day, look at what you have done the next and see if you can make it better.


Write a recount or report. Think of something you have done since lockdown began where you have learnt something you would not have learnt in school. Here are the Features of a Good Recount.



Daily Maths

Sumdog We are not using Sumdog very much! Might be an idea to start practising for Sumdog’s mathematics contest for North Lanarkshire which starts next Friday, May 15.


Data Handling

We are going to continue Data Handling this week

There is no need to print the worksheets, or even fill them in unless you want to. You could look at them on a screen and answer on paper if you like.

Octagon & Hexagons

Pentagons, Squares & Triangles


If you haven’t done the previous scratch ideas remember they are all here.

Chilli Challenge Problem maker

Only One Chilli works.

Can you See inside and fix it up?

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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