Pink Pigs

Our new sound today was “p”. Michael the puppet told us about his special surprise birthday party,  when he had a delicious pink pig cake.
To help us remember our new sound we made our own pink pigs to take home.

Another busy week in P2/1!

Another week has flown! It’s hard to believe we’ve only been back three weeks – the children have settled really well into the school routine.

This week we’ve continued with our phonics, learning t and i and starting to blend the sounds covered so far to make short words.  We’ve also started looking at the Oxford Reading Tree characters, starting with Kipper, who we found out is actually called Christopher!

We’re doing a lot of work with plasticine to develop our fine motor skills, linking it to emotions and our feelings. This week we’ve made surprised and angry faces and have spoken about times we felt like this.

In numeracy we’re continuing to focus on numbers to 10, ensuring we have the correct formation and using the language before, after and one more. This morning we had great fun outside on a number hunt.

We’re continuing our stickman topic, looking at the landscape in the stickman and using lots of different materials to create our own landscape scene. We also looked at the view from outside the classroom and talked about how the colours and detail fade the further away they are. We then painted our background, gradually going from dark to light, and drew and cut out trees – one that is here, one that is near and one that is far – and added leaves and branches with oil pastels. The next job is to add stick frames.

In other news, in our bread experiment we are excited to see mould growing on the bread we touched with our dirty hands! We’ll continue to watch and share more next week. We’ve also had a robin visiting the table outside the classroom, and on Wednesday he decided to come into the classroom for a play while the children were at lunch!

Our Learning Week 3

Primary 6 have had a very busy week in school.  We have been thinking about our individual strengths that we can use when we find things tricky and looked at what skill or strength we have practised recently.

This week we have been working with the sequence of numbers to millions and place value.  Sometimes these numbers are very tricky to read but this is a great video to help with reading large numbers.  We learned about different type of lines;  parallel and perpendicular and explored outside to see these types of  lines in our environment.

For reading we have been looking at different types of questions;  Literal, Inferential and Evaluative.  We answered questions and created our own ones.  We will be continuing to work on this.

This block we are working on Descriptive Text and we looked at the text structure to remind us how to layout our work.  We will use some of the characters and setting from our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar to inspire our writing.

In science we looked at different germs and found out different ways to stop the spread of germs.




spelling short o sound p4b

box boxes boxed boxing boxer unboxing
hop hops hopped hopping hopper hopscotch
pot pots potted potty potter pottery
shop shops shopped shopping shopper workshop
spot spots spotted spotting spotty hotspot
chop chops chopped chopping chopper woodchopper
shock shocks shocked shocking shockingly unshockable
compose composed composing composer composition compositions