The Kingsland Festival

We’re having a fantastic week in P1 and P2/1 celebrating the Kingsland Festival.

On Monday morning we put up bunting outside and made some bunting for classrooms. We then all worked together to create a giant piece of bubble artwork with bubbles floating from one page to another. In the afternoon we watched our films and had an ice lolly treat!

Yesterday we did a scavenger hunt in the morning. We had to see how many different things we could fit in our little boxes – we all did a great job helping each other!

In the afternoon we played some parachute games and had a picnic in the playground. We finished our wonderful afternoon with some bubbles.

It has been a lovely end to the term – thank you for all of your support and to the children for being such fantastic learners in a tricky year.

Fun Packed Tuesday 22.6.21

We started our day with Inspire Learning enjoying working with the Spheros (see earlier post) .

Then we finished watching Hotel Transylvania, our movie from yesterday.

We then had a competition to see who could build the tallest free standing tower with one newspaper and tape.  Annabelle and Megan won with a height of 138 cm, Maisie and Isla and Olly and Charlie were joint second with 125 cm and Kirsty and Mea were third with 103 cm.  The whole class worked hard on this and realise the importance of a large base and triangular structures.  Well done everyone.


After lunch, we took part in a Scavenger Hunt around the school organised by Mrs Belleville. Thank you. The word spelled Holidays and the sentence was Have a happy holiday and a brilliant summer.


After afternoon break, we went on a little picnic and we were treated to a delicious cupcake for a snack and a special treat of bubbles and sweets. Thank you Mrs Clyde and the kitchen team for the yummy cakes and thank you Kingsland for our treat of bubbles and Haribos.


We ended our day with a game of clock in the tower.



Inspire Learning and picnic

Today we had a brilliant session from the Inspire Learning team.  We were using the Sphero app to write some code.  Our aim was to get our Sphero Bolts (Mini robots) from one cone to another and back again as fast as we could.  P4 had great fun and were quite disappointed that it was just a taster session.  I think we could have stayed out there all morning.

We then finished the day with a class picnic.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cakes, sweets and bubbles; thank you Kingsland.

As this is my last day teaching P4a I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children and their families.  It has been a very strange year but it has been my absolute pleasure to teach this class.  I wish you all the best going forward.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer. 🙂

Review of the Year

Well, we’ve nearly come to the end of an extraordinary year. Mrs Little and Mrs Brown are incredibly proud of you and have loved working with you all this year.

Here are just a few elements from this year-

  • Dalguise at Home week
  • Online assemblies
  • Covid-19 rules to follow
  • Using the iPads in school
  • Home learning/Learning in the hub
  • Lots of literacy, maths and health and well-being
  • Skipper!
  • Virtual Christmas events
  • Mrs Anderson’s retirement
  • Mrs Wilson’s retirement
  • Live n Learn sessions
  • Murder Mystery Day
  • Playing on the field
  • Lunches on the balcony
  • Creating our virtual Leavers’
  • High school preparation
  • Pretend 2 day visit

What has been the highlight of your P7 year?

What has been the biggest challenge of the year?

What do you feel you have overcome?

What are you most proud of?

What have you been thankful for this year?

Measure Fun

We had some fun today completing different measure activities.

We were measuring in mm,  cm and m. – Maisie

I liked the race car activity where I made a ramp and measured how far the cars went  – Jack.

Mea liked laying stones out in a row and measuring the distance.

Olly enjoyed measuring the amount of stones needed to be the same as some metric weights.

Some of the problem solving word questions were tricky – Anna



Scotland v Czech Republic

On Monday P6 enjoyed the excitement of Scotland playing in Euros 2021.  Although we were disappointed by the result, it was great to be able to watch the game. We are looking forward to Scotland’s next game on Friday!