The Salsean by Isla Duncan. World famous explorer

I am an important explorer. Recently I went to the Madagascan  rainforest to study birds. But while I was there I discovered a new animal. The Salsean. The Salsean is a small monkey type creature with bat wings. It is warm blooded and gives birth to live young.  It feeds its young with milk from their wings. At the bottom of their wings are points, and on those points are dispenser like things that the babies feed from. It lives on land and has great camouflage. When it stalks its prey and the prey turns round it can fly to a tree and hug it. What about the tail? It hangs like a liana.  The Salsean has powerful arms and strong fangs. It is a carnivore so it eats other animals. It will eat anything but its favourite things are Jaguars, Tigers, Panther, Caiman and Draco lizards. It stalks the prey and when it has got close enough it flies straight to it, wraps its arms round it and bites it in the neck with its strong fangs and paralyzes it. If it wants something smaller it just picks it up and eats it. How can you tell between a boy and a girl? Male Salseans have a tuft of hair in-between their ears and females don’t. It has brown and white fur on its wings and skin to  camouflage into trees. It live in trees in the canopy.

Creating Tension Homework – Adventure Genre


One of our next steps in writing is to create mood, pace and tension. This is what keep the reader turning the pages in a story. We have been trying to do in this in class by varying the length of sentences.

For homework think of a problem in an adventure story. Write the paragraph leading up to the climax using punctuation and length of sentences to create an appropriate mood, pace and tension.

Due: Tuesday 6th December

The rainforest song by Jack. Jack’s homework

This is about the rainforest
Found in lots of different places
Usually found in the tropics

verse 1
There are are lots of different trees
That grow in all the different layers
There are also lots of plants
All of them we must protect
Or else they will become extinct


Verse 2
But the main thing you can find there
Are loads and loads of animals
There are 5 different groups about them
Birds,reptiles and mammals
Fish and amphibian
While the insects are invertebrates,
the others are not


Verse 3

There are lots of different animals
And ill tell you a few
The butterflies are pretty and come in different colours
There are also tree frogs that stick to trees
There are also capybara which are giant rodents
And watch out for the tarantulas who could kill you


Verse 4

My favourite one is the sloth
Who hangs upside down all day
He has algae growing on his back
HIs arms are longer than his legs
Hewill become extinct so we need to save him


So we don’t want the rainforest to become extinct,
I hope this song has told you that the rainforest is an amazing place to be.

10 fun facts about the Piranha by Amelia

  1. Piranhas lose teeth!
  2. It can eat 15x its size!
  3. Some piranhas are omnivorous!
  4. Piranha is a fresh water fish!
  5. Scientific name is the Caribe Venezuela!
  6. Found in Hawaii!
  7. Have sharp teeth!
  8. Is a fish and has gills!
  9. Piranha can be 5.5-17 inches in length and weight about 7.7 pounds!
  10. Cold blooded!
  11. Their jaw bone is so strong, that it can crush a human hand in 5-10 seconds!
  12. Piranhas are cannibals!
  13. Females can lay up to 5000 eggs!
  14. They live up to 25 years in the wild and 10-20 years in captivity!Image result for pirhana

15 fun facts about the Jaguar, By Amelia

Image result for COOL jaguar cat

  1. Has 3D vision!
  2. Its a herbivore!
  3. Can way up to 300 pounds!
  4. Its Camouflaged !
  5. Hunts alone!
  6. Scientific name is the Panther Onca!
  7. Very powerful jaws!
  8. It can eat something bigger than itself!
  9. Its shoulder height up to 75cm!
  10. Jaguars can swim out of there depth!
  11. They have night vision!
  12. Scientists call there black spots rosettes because there shaped like roses!
  13. They can live till 12-15!
  14.  Jaguars live alone and mark their territory by scratching trees!
  15. 3rd biggest cat!Image result for cool jaguar

Homework The bird of paradise by Katie

The birds of paradise are members of the family paradisaeidae. The majority of species are found in eastern Indonesia in the Indonesian rainforest, there are also 42 species around the world. Birds of paradise are known for there lovely feathers and long beaks the males are brighter than the females so  the male can attract the female. Many birds of paradise feed on fruits and berries on the canopy layer. The birds of paradise are one of the most dramatic and attractive birds in the world.

Image result for birds of paradise


Homework-The Amazon River Dolphin By Andrew

Image result for amazon river dolphin

The River Dolphin is turning blind because of the murky and muddy rainforest water,it uses sonar to guide itself through the water. It eats small fish, shrimps, turtles and even piranhas You can find them in Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador but you find them all over the amazonian river, their main threat is the pollution in the water which can kill them very easily . You might know them as the Boto Dolphin. They can get up to 140 teeth its fins are shaped like paddles . Also they move very slow because they can’t see what might be lurking ahead of it . Their predators are Caimans,Anacondas and Jaguars .The male can grow up to 2.5 meters but the females are bigger than the male which in some animals is not the same.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly by Amelia

The Blue Morpho Butterfly

This Report is here to tell you about the bright blue insect that will amaze you with the unknown. This three parted insect is a very glamorous creature. Its scientific name is Morpho Didius. Does that sound appealing to you, read on to find out more.

What is it and what does it look like?                                                                                    The Blue Morpho Butterfly is on of the largest butterflies in creation, its bright  blue wings make them very easy to spot. It has 6 black legs like any other insect, the butterfly has 4 super delicate wings that are pretty sea-through and is sometimes a bit stinky cause of what it eats. Its three parts are classificated as the head the thorax and the abdomen which in every day words means the head the tummy and the bottom half. On its wings you will see faint black lines that create some sort of pattern on each wing like this picture here.

Image result for the blue morpho butterfly
Can you see the faint black lines

Where can you find it?

The Blue Morpho Butterfly is mostly found in South America, Mexico, and Central America, which is closer to the equator than any place like Europe or Great Brittan. You can find the adult Morpho mostly on the forest floor unless it is trying to find a mate, however the young Morphos will go all layers to try and find a girlfriend. Since this butterfly only has 115 days to live, they need to make the most of it. But once it has found another butterfly  it will live the rest of there life on the forest floor. Sadly they don’t have weddings!

Image result for blue butterfly wedding
Just Joking!

Image result for mexico on world map

How has it adapted to survive?

Living in the rainforest is hard for the butterflies and they need to make sure they get a long lifespan. On average they live up to about 115 days which is about 3 months 3 weeks and 2 days. The Blue Morpho Butterfly isn’t a big fan of the brightness so when he can’t really see because of the scorching hot sun, the butterfly will cover its eyes over with its wings and that is 1 adaptation to this insect. The Blue Morpho is brightly coloured  so that insects and animals can see them, but mostly that’s not a good thing because they could be eaten easily, just remember there quick and speedy so they have a chance to fly away.

Image result for blue morpho chase


Fair Trade Refreshment Stall


P7 are having a refreshment stall on the 23rd & 24th of November at the parents evening. It will be upstairs in Jedderfield (the music room). There will be tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fair trade chocolate (heroes).  All the products we sell will be 100% fair trade. Be sure to bring £1-£1.50 so you can be part of helping hundreds of people in not so fortunate countries. We hope to see you soon.



.Poison dart frogs grow to be 1-2 inches long.
.The poison dart frog earned its name because hunters dipped their arrows in poison.
.They live in trees in the central and south American rainforests.
.There colourful to warn predators.
.Blue poison dart frogs are endangered because they are being put in pet markets.
.They prey on invertebrates but they like to eat ants most.
.They are at risk because of people farming them for their poison.
.Some carry their young on their back also called backpacking and is unique among amphibians.
.Scientists are unsure how poisoness they are.
.medications are being made to cure poison dart frog stings one has already been developed.
.Their poison can kill ten gown men.