P7A Review of the Week w/b 26.11.18

Jennifer – I liked making pompoms and watching Spywatch

Aiden – I liked the gymnastics display

Elena – I liked trying to do a cartwheel in gymnastics

Ellie – I liked doing the gymnastics performance and making the wreaths

Calum K – I liked watching Alex doing backflips

Andrew M – I liked doing the gymnastics show and I think we have done really amazingly well.

Alex – I really enjoyed doing the backflips at the gym display

Mairi – I really really enjoyed doing the gym display

Samuel – I liked learning about Dunkirk

Isaac – I liked doing the gym show and in P1 I really didn’t think I would be able to do that

Shaun – I liked doing Sportshall because it was exciting

Maisie – I liked making the pom poms and I can’t believe we actually managed to make over 300 pom poms

Layla – I enjoyed sportshall and it was really enjoyable and we all had to put hard work in but it was worth it to get through to the next round and I wonder if we will beat Priorsford next time

Jack – I really liked doing sportshall and we all tried really hard and got second place

Lola – I really enjoyed building our Anderson shelters and doing the gym display

Zak – I enjoyed doing the gym display because when I climbed to the top of the apparatus I could see everyone

Lucy – I enjoyed building our Anderson shelters because I had never done anything like that before

Scientist checking the reliability of our senses

P3 have been finding out about our senses and asking the question; How reliable are our senses?

We looked at optical illusions and watched a clip where our sense of sight was tricked when we were focusing on counting the basket ball passes.

We listened to musical instruments with our eyes closed. Could we tell what instrument it was? Could we hear where the sound was coming from when the instrument stopped playing?

Today we used our sense of smell to identify smells. Was it easier to tell what the smell was with eyes open or closed?