Review of the week

Our spelling pattern was the sound m, made with m, mm or mb.

In writing we are learning the features of explanation texts, and this week we focussed on present tense verbs and time and sequence words. We can find these in texts and highlight them.

Our grammar lesson taught us that sentences have a subject and an object, and we practised finding them in sentences. Here is Cara’s colour coded work.

In maths we are learning about time, and graphs. We use a key in graphs called pictograms to count the number represented.

Our science topic is the states of matter; solids, liquids and gases. We are scientists and have set our own questions about things we want to know. We are researching these questions and presenting our answers in posters or power point slides to share.

Here are some of our questions!

Skipper’s strategy for building resilience this term is ‘challenge your mindset’. We listened to a book ‘My Fantastic Elastic Brain’ and drew the parts of the brain and what they do.

Also in health and well-being we are looking at first aids techniques and practised putting people in the recovery position.



n spelling

night nights nightmare midnight nightlight
knight knights knighted knighting knighthood
knack knacks knacker knackered knickknack
gnaw gnaws gnawed gnawing gnawer
gnarl gnarls gnarly gnarled gnarling
align aligns aligning aligned alignment
pneumonia pneumonia pneumonia pneumonia pneumonia
pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic

Woodland art with Cherith

We had a wonderful day yesterday learning how to sketch woodland creatures with local artist Cherith Harrison.  She showed us how to draw the creatures and also how to use lines and shading to create the texture of their fur or spines. We are really proud of our beautiful drawings. Thank you Cherith!

Our week

It was great to see everyone back after the Easter break.

Our spelling words have the n sound made with n, kn, gn, or pn. We also have a common word.

In writing we are learning the features of an explanation. It explains how or why something occurs, and is non-fiction. Our example text is How Paper is Recycled.

Our maths is telling the time. We are matching analogue and digital clocks, putting times in order and distinguishing am from pm. We learned that am means ante meridiem and pm means post meridiem.

We are also interpreting charts where the picture stands for more than one item.

Our science topic is on the three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas. We will link this to the water cycle and water preservation. We listened to the story ‘We are water protectors’ by Carole Lindstrom and the illustrations are by Michaela Goade. The pictures are bright and colourful and show the water in beautiful patterns.

A similar artist is Ted Harrison and we painted pictures in his style.

We have been trying out lots of novels before choosing our next class novel. Thanks to everyone who brought books in, they were great suggestions. We have settled on ‘The Last Bear’ by Hannah Gold.

Art Competition

Lowri, Leah and Zara ran their own art competition last term and announced the winners today.

Rosie came first with this joy tree.

And Jackson came second with Harry Potter.

Well done to the winners and to the girls for organising it!

Our Weekly Review

Welcome back Boys and Girls.

This week…

We were introduced to our new writing block. This term we will be looking at exposition writing which is to persuade by arguing one point of view. We looked at an example of a piece of exposition text and then looked closely at this to see what we need to include and what grammar we need to focus on.

We started our maths block on decimals and perimeter. In perimeter we looked at perimeters of rectangles and we had to work out the sides of a rectangle if you only know one side and the perimeter. In decimals we have been looking at place value and the link with decimals and fractions.

We also started our topic work this week. Across P6 and P7, each class are going to be focussing on a decade. P6/7 are looking at the 1970s and P6 are looking at the 1950’s. We began by creating questions on what we want to learn about and then looked at key events that happened in our decade.

We have had a great day today as we began our block of photography. We looked at taking photos in a variety of lighting conditions and adjusting the focus and exposure on what we have snapped. Take a look at some of our examples below. We are really proud of them.

PE Day Change for P7B

Please note for the final term, our PE days will be on a Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure you have appropriate clothing for PE. School uniform should be worn on every other day.

Music will remain on a Wednesday morning.


First Week Back – P7B

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back after the Easter break. This is our final term of P7…and at Kingsland!  We will be spending a lot of time this term preparing for the transition up to High School. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions or anything you would like to discuss. The link below will take you directly to the PHS website:

This week we have been:

  • Revising the oi and oy sound in spelling through a range ofactivities in class.
  • Continuing with our comprehension work. This week we studied a passage from ‘On the Island’ by Iain Crichton Smith which contained a lot of rich descriptive language to add effect.
  • In reading, we have also started exploring the concepts of Theme and Genre. We enjoyed reading the book ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne and working in our table groups to determine the themes of the book and to find evidence to support our choices.

  • We have started looking at Response Writing this term as our writing focus. We discussed The Starry Nigh by Van Gogh and wrote a piece of writing together as our response to the painting.
  • In maths, we have been practising multiplication and division in different contexts. All of the work we have put in throughout the year on number bonds and multiplication facts has helped to improve our speed and accuracy.
  • We have continued to learn about volume, converting ml to l and vice versa.
  • Everyone has been excited to start our ‘Through the Decades’ topic and we have been allocated the 1980S! We have started by learning about some of the key events and worked in groups to help to create a chronological timeline . Some of the events we have researched include Chernobyl, the Hillsborough attack and the Falklands War. We have also looked at some of the technology that was invented and became more readily available in the 1980s.
  • In PE, we have enjoyed some brilliant athletics sessions with Mrs Edge outside.

Reflection Questions: 

1. Which challenges are you most looking forward to this term?

2. What tools from your toolkit can you use when you find something difficult? Think of an example of when you have used this strategy?

3. Write about something you have done this week to make Kingsland a better place.

oi/oy spelling

toil toils toiled toilet toiling toiletries
soil soils soiled soiling topsoil undersoil
join joined joining joiner joint conjoined
voice voices voicing voiceless voiceover voicemail
loyal loyalty loyalist loyalists disloyal disloyalty
ploy employ deploy employed employment deploying
royal royals royalty royalist unroyal royalties

Weekly Review! 1/4/22

What an excellent Final week in P6.

We completed our Volcano art and the pictures are below. They are excellent.

We were given a potato challenge, pictures of the progress of your potatoes can be added to the class teams page.

We completed a natural disasters  simulation where we had to prepare a settlement for an impending natural disaster using our knowledge from our topic. It was great fun.

We really enjoyed our final day, breaking the rules for April fools.

Have a fantastic holiday. See you next term