Review of the week

Our spelling pattern was the sound m, made with m, mm or mb.

In writing we are learning the features of explanation texts, and this week we focussed on present tense verbs and time and sequence words. We can find these in texts and highlight them.

Our grammar lesson taught us that sentences have a subject and an object, and we practised finding them in sentences. Here is Cara’s colour coded work.

In maths we are learning about time, and graphs. We use a key in graphs called pictograms to count the number represented.

Our science topic is the states of matter; solids, liquids and gases. We are scientists and have set our own questions about things we want to know. We are researching these questions and presenting our answers in posters or power point slides to share.

Here are some of our questions!

Skipper’s strategy for building resilience this term is ‘challenge your mindset’. We listened to a book ‘My Fantastic Elastic Brain’ and drew the parts of the brain and what they do.

Also in health and well-being we are looking at first aids techniques and practised putting people in the recovery position.



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