Careers Week visitor 2 in P2A

Thank you to Amy MacLinton for speaking to P2A about her job in the Bank of Scotland.

We enjoyed hearing the story about Billy trying hard to save up his money and all the pitfalls he had along the way. In the end he persevered and saved up enough money for his crocodile. This made us think about money in our own lives and how difficult it can be to save for things we want to buy- we have to have a lot of patience.

It was great fun weighing the money on the scales and we surprised ourselves when  we completed  a worksheet about counting up Billy’s coins. We managed to get most of them correct! Our next step is to work out change and do take away sums with money and set up a little shop/bank in our classroom next term.

How will this help us with our money skills?

Thank you also for our Bank of Scotland goody bags with treats inside. This was another lovely surprise.

Careers Week in P2A

Thank you so much to Mr. Cunningham for his explanation of his job as a heating engineer to P2A this morning.

He really made the boys and girls think about the fact that the jobs we have today may be very different tomorrow when they are ready to choose a career.

We especially liked cracking the metal in the packet and watching the clear gel turn white. Then it heated up our hands. When it began to cool down again it became rock solid. The heat pack could work over 40,000 times. This is a type of battery and is more energy efficient than many batteries we use in our gadgets. It is more sustainable.

We thought that it was amazing that the ingredients pumped into the heat pack batteries were salt and vinegar!

What will we be using when we grow up to create Sustainable Energy?