P5a review of the week

We were delighted to receive our prize book from storyteller Allison Galbraith, it is full of mythical stories related to nature.

We had a visit from the Cornet, the lass and previous Cornets and lasses. Well done to Struan for winning the horseshoe for correctly answering that this is the Beltane’s 125th anniversary.

We enjoyed Beltane lunch on Thursday. It was great to be back together and sing for all the special guests. Thank you Mrs Clyde and the team for the delicious food!

We finished writing our imaginative stories about the perilous journey of a water droplet. We made our stories into illustrated books.

In maths we used various strategies to solve the mystery of the missing snack! It involved number operations, using data in tables and finding equivalent fractions.

Our spelling was revision of the -ear. -air and -ure patterns.

Wider achievements- Struan earned this medal from a gymnastics competition. His favourite event is the vault. Cara wore this jacket when she took part in the Beltane horse riding. She is pleased to pin the 2022 ribbon on. Well done to both of you!

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