spelling short o sound p4b

box boxes boxed boxing boxer unboxing
hop hops hopped hopping hopper hopscotch
pot pots potted potty potter pottery
shop shops shopped shopping shopper workshop
spot spots spotted spotting spotty hotspot
chop chops chopped chopping chopper woodchopper
shock shocks shocked shocking shockingly unshockable
compose composed composing composer composition compositions

Animal shelters

We learned that animals need water, food, air and shelter to survive.

We looked at some different animal shelters like burrows, nests and dens and then built our own shelters in the playground. We used grass cuttings, sticks, stones, leaves and moss to build our shelters.  It was great fun!


P4A- We are grateful for…

In P4A we are grateful for many things! Here are a few of our ideas.

We are grateful for…

..schools to be back.

…our families.

…our pets.

…being able to do stuff again.

…the scientists working on medicine for Coronavirus.

…our friends.

Wow what a list!



short I spelling words p4b

pin pins pinned pink pinning pinkie
fit fits fitted fitting unfit befitting
pick picks picked picking unpick handpicked
mist misty misted misting mistake unmistakable
finish finishes finished finishing finisher unfinished
gym gyms gymnast gymnasts gymnastics gymnasium
mystery mysteries mysterious mystifying mysterious mystifying
system systems systematic ecosystem unsystematic systematically

Great start to p4!

I like that the teachers have been really protective. Elizabeth

I’ve really enjoyed SRA because it challenges you to remember what you have read. Sadie

I’ve really liked seeing my friends again. Caitlin

It was my best first day ever because I got to see my friends again. Jaime

I like reading George’s Marvellous medicine because it’s fun. Laura

I like that PE is longer now. Bebe

I liked getting back to music because we are getting to learn new things. Rory K

It has been kind of hard getting used to the new rules but we are getting there. Ella

I really enjoyed seeing my friends in the class. Allan

I like how the tables are set out in an L shape. Thomas

I like PE because it’s outside all the time. Jacob

I liked doing the stormy day pictures – especially splattering paint! Charlotte

I like having 2 breaks instead of 1. Ronan

I like SRA because it’s really fun. Holly