Review of the week

This week we continued to research the planets in our Solar System and we made a wall display. We are learning how to take notes as we listen, and this helps us to remember facts.

We used chalk pastels to make these planets pictures. We smudged the colours and used black and white to shade the dark and light sides.

Also on the theme of planets our classroom order arrived and it included these inflatable planets!

In writing we wrote a recount of a trip and in health and well-being we looked at changing emotions and then the rights of the child.

In maths we linked multiplication to division and noticed that a number family has 4 facts. We are still learning how to plot coordinates and draw symmetrical patterns.

Our drama time is all about preparing our mission to Space, and this week we worked in our teams to plan a training programme for astronauts.

Have a great long weekend for St. Andrew’s Day!

Book week

During book week we looked at the story The Last Wolf and discussed the effects of deforestation. We worked with p6/7 to create some art which showed the last forest surrounded by concrete and buildings. We enjoyed the story but thought it was quite sad that humans had destroyed the natural environment and the creatures who lived there.

long i spelling

pine pines spine pinecone pining pineapple
pie pies spied porkpie magpie porkpies
eye eyes eyeball eyelash eyebrow eyeballed
fine fines finer fined fining finest
size sizes sized sizing resize oversized
spy spies spying spier spied spyglass
dry drying dries drier dried hairdryer
reply replies replied replying replier replying

Book week

We are learning about keeping connected as a Building Resilience strategy. We found out more about each other when we played a game called Find someone who…


For book week we read the special book The Last Wolf, shared by the whole school. It explores the sad theme of deforestation and extinction, but ends with hope. As we read it we charted our changing emotions by holding up our emotion face pictures. After we had talked about it we drew what we think would happen next, or far into the future.

Our writing is a recount and we planned and wrote about our first day at school. We remembered what we learned and drew, and about having lunch with p7s.

In maths we are learning times tables and why they are useful. We also continued symmetry and plotting shapes on grids.

Here are our poppy pictures from last weeks’ Remembrance Day.

Our spelling was long i, made in various ways.


We are learning about the planets and used our notebook to take short notes while watching a clip. This is a useful skill to help us remember what we’ve heard.

We used our iPads to sketch hedgehogs after working on the school book about Harry the Hedgehog.

And finally, the pheasant! It perched outside our window today, as it pecked around the playground looking for food.

long e spelling

lazy lazed lazing lazier laziest lazybones
scary scared scaring scarier scariest scarecrow
key keys keyring donkey monkey keyhole
field fields fielder fielding fielders fielding
delete deletes deleted deleting undeletable deletion
severe severest severely severity persevere perseverance
interfere interferes interfered interfering interference interferences
receive receives received receiving unreceived receivable

long e spelling

beach beaches beached beachball beachfront beachcombing
teach teacher teaches teaching teachers headteacher
cheat cheats cheater cheating cheated cheaters
cheap cheaper cheapest cheaply cheapness cheapskate
free frees freed freedom freeing freewill
sheep sheepdog sheepish sheepfold sheepshearer sheepishness
cheer cheers cheered cheering cheerful cheerleader
green greens greener greenest greenery greenhouse

Remember remember the 5th November

This week we drew fireworks and learned about the origins of Bonfire Night.
We used black pens to outline these fireworks and stars.

We got into role as astronauts and rocket designers and were set a challenge by NASA to design a rocket to go to the sun. We had to research metals and temperatures and draw our teams’ rocket inside and out.
Our writing was also about space. We wrote a recount of a moon walk, as if we were the first children on the moon. The feelings were mixed, from excitement to terror! To get into the mood we watched footage of the first moon landing in 1969.

Subtraction with exchange

In maths we used materials to exchange a ten for ten units so that we could subtract. Being able to use the column method is very useful for when we are dealing with very big numbers. We also looked at lines of symmetry.

We watched a Skipper assembly about keeping connected. These themes overlap with our HWB lessons on friendship as we look into the changes that happen as we grow up.

We have been talking a lot about climate change as we keep up with news from COP26. As young people we have important views and ideas about improving our treatment of the planet. We are very aware of choices we make to live more sustainably.

We enjoyed watching Primary 7’s video story for Mrs Ward as she leaves today. We made her a card full of messages, and wish her all the best in her new job. We will miss her!

Keep connected

One of Skipper’s toolkit strategies is ‘keep connected’. Today we thought about how we keep connected when we are apart and why we need to feel connected. We made this web of links we have with people in our class. We spoke about what connected us to each other, such as, shared hobbies, living near each other, knowing family members or sharing memories from long ago.
The more lines that connect us, the stronger the web!