P3 Problem Solving Coloured Shapes

P3 had more fun today solving this puzzle. Some pairs used cubes and others drew and coloured in small shapes. Everyone tried an idea and then changed it as they followed the clues. We had to guess, check and improve our ideas to find the correct solution.

Red is not next to grey.

Blue is between white and grey.

Green is not a square.

Blue is on the right of pink.

Have fun finding the solution.

Comment on our Blog to let us know how you solved it and if you got the answer.


P3 are becoming bloggers

Well done P3! Well done the pupils who have already logged in at home and left a comment on our Blog.

We have been logging onto Glow with our long usernames

gw17surnamefirstname  (Some pupils are gw15, some have their middle name or a number) Our usernames are on the front of our reading records.

To access the Blog from home visit our website; Kingsland Primary School. Find the tab along the top – class blogs then Primary 3

When you make a comment you need an email address. P3 pupils email address will be there glow username then @glow.sch.uk

e.g. gw17millerstruan@glow.sch.uk

I look forward to reading your comments P3

Mrs. Thomson

Writing Recounts of our experiences

Here is our recount of the games we played on Monday morning. We are learning to write a recount of our experiences or events. We need to remember that a recount has a title, the orientation, the sequence of events and a personal comment.

What special words did we use in our sequence of events to put it in order? Will, our P7 helper last week, told us we could call it chronological order!!

What do we tell our readers in the orientation?

Team Work

On Monday 4th November we played games in the P3 classroom.

First we shared a chair with a partner. Some pairs shared their chairs in amazing ways. Next we did the tangle activity in groups of six. It was quite hard but it felt good when we managed to do it. We sometimes had to step over joined hands or twirl to get untangled. After that we played Eek Zoom in a big circle. Finally we wrote a recount about our experiences.

Everything was fun. Mrs. Thomson was really pleased with how well we worked together.