We took our measuring outdoors and here we are measuring with our feet. ( Non standard units )

As you can see in the picture we all have different sizes of feet so we would come up with different answers.

Next week we need to use centimetres and metres so that we all get the same answer. ( Standard units )

The Chocolate Rooms map

As part of Roald Dahl Day we made up our own designs for The Chocolate Room. We made lots of twisty-turny tunnels and it was fun drawing the maps in 2D.

I like the sound of the Sweet Sea and the Lollipop Trap rooms. This would be a very exciting map to follow.

The challenge now is to Program the Beebots to follow your map.


P2/3’s Roald Dahl Day

We were introduced to a design brief and ours was to design a new sweet or chocolate and it’s wrapper. we heard part of a Roald Dahl story first- ” Wonderful Mr. Willy Wonka.”

We were really excited about getting our ideas onto paper. Then we discussed it and made improvements on our design before drawing our neat copy.

Keep an eye out for what we do with our designs next week!

Teamwork in P3

During the first few weeks of school we spent time learning to work as a team. One of our activities involved hula hoops. We had to get the hoop around our group without letting go of hands. Mrs Dundas was very impressed with us!


Bug research

Today we used the website to find out cool facts about bugs. Thomas and Struan found a new bug. It is a giraffe weevil.  Maybe you could read these bug facts at home.

In Reading we read all about ants and discovered more interesting facts. Mrs. Thomson was impressed that we remembered lots of facts that we had read.

Enjoy finding out about bugs.

25 cool things about bugs!

Well done everyone who has been looking in their gardens and telling us what bugs they have found.

Food chains

P3 have been using their prior learning about food chains to think about the food chain of a fox. Last year we learned about food chains of birds so, we used this knowledge to help us to work out what the food chain of a fox might look like. We remembered that everything in a food chain gets energy from the Sun.