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P5a’s week

Here are our spelling words

Eden thought up this sentence to include all of the words!
‘I wish I had the skill to sing lyrics to my song while eating pancakes and syrup in the cygnet infested water while not missing the finish of the swimming race.’ Brilliant!

We are looking at maps of Scotland to locate towns, cities and power stations.

Others highlights include

  • designing a gingerbread house Christmas card
  • adding doubles
  • adding several small numbers
  • writing a description of a castle
  • recognising 3D shapes in the world
  • problem solving strategy ‘draw a picture’
  • voting for Rosie as Pupil Council rep and Vivienne for Sustainable Squad rep

…and our forced perspective photographs!

p5b elections

Well done to all the pupils who applied for the jobs of class council rep and sustainable squad rep. They were all well prepared and spoke clearly and confidently about their strengths and hopes for the coming year.

Our class council representative this year is Jade (secretary – Lola).

Our sustainable squad representative is Caitlin (secretary Ella).


Stop-start animations

A huge thank you to the pupils from primary 6/7 who helped us create our animations using our pipe cleaner people. We took photos on our I pads and then put them into I movie to create a short film. We really enjoyed this and will try adding some background scenery and sound effects next week.

short i spelling

miss misses missing missed missile
finish finishes finished finishing unfinished
swim swims swimming swimmer swimsuit
wish wishes wished swishing wishbone
skill skills skilled reskill skilling
lyric lyrics lyrical lyricist lyricists
syrup syrups syrupy syrups syrupy
cygnet cygnets cygnets cygnets cygnets

You won’t believe your eyes!

P5a learned about a trick photography technique today and took some unbelievable shots!

In our novel study ‘Max and the Millions’ Max and Mr Darrow made tiny models and an entire miniature civilisation, called ‘millions’.

Today we learned about ‘forced perspective’ where you make things appear bigger or smaller depending on perspective.

We had a lot of fun and improved our photos as we went along.

Weekly highlights

We started this week watching assembly which included a clip of Olympic climbing. Our task was to recognise which ‘building resilience’ strategies the climbers used.
We said

  • get active as you need strength to climb
  • have a goal to aim for the top to win
  • keep connected, talking to each other about the route up
  • challenge your mindset by telling yourself you can do it
  • Look on the bright side as you might be feeling a bit worried
  • respect yourself by telling yourself to have a go
  • make a difference as you can go high then even higher

We completed making our miniature castles based on our class novel Max and the Millions. We then looked at the work of artist Willard Wigan who makes microscopic models. We made a person using pipe cleaners and are beginning to imagine a scene from a story around our castle and person.

In writing we wrote a description of our school, after we had decided on paragraph subheadings as a class.

In maths we wrote numbers in words and numerals and placed numbers on a number line which can be challenging if we need to work out what each mark stands for.

We are going elect a class rep for both the Pupil Council and the Sustainable Squad so we are busy thinking about what it takes to do a good job.

In health and well-being we are learning about the effects on our health of too much or too little and we are relating this to the effects of alcohol.

Here we are together enjoying the good weather.

Coal mining

We enjoyed being coal miners today and didn’t realise how tasty coal was!

We each had a chocolate chip cookie which represented a piece of the Earth and drew a habitat which grew on top of our piece of Earth. We then used a tooth pick to ‘mine’ the ‘coal’ out of our cookie.

We compared the Earth before and after mining and tried to put it back to how it was before we dug all the coal out – but it was impossible!

We decided the only way to tidy up was to eat the mess we had created!

short e spelling

bread breads breading breadstick breadwinner breadcrumbs
spread spreads spreading spreader spreadable spreadable
health healthy unhealthy healthier healthiest healthcare
breath breaths breathe breathing breathless breathes
earth earths earthly earthlings earthquake earthquakes
dread dreads dreaded dreading dreadful dreadlocks
thread threads threaded threading rethreaded threadbare
leisure leisurely leisurely leisurewear leisurewear leisurewear

Sign language

The main character in our class novel, Max, is deaf and we have been thinking about how people can communicate if they can’t hear. Our challenge this week is to learn how to sign our name using sign language. Why don’t you have a go?