Creative calendars

Primary 2 would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



We have been thinking ahead to 2019 when we designed our night and day calendars. They are all so colourful and each one is different. We have enjoyed looking at each others lovely art work.

Buzzy Bees

We made Funnybones themed pictures to go under the Beebot mats then we had to try to avoid bumping into them  when we programmed the Beebots. This was helping us to develop our mapping skills. P2B added pictures to the Beebot covers then shared their work with P2A. Then we all worked together and enjoyed trying to avoid bumping into objects as we travelled around the maps.


Sew easy


Primary 2 have been learning how to sew.


We have made these amazing collages with Mrs Finnie and we had to learn how to be very patient when the thread kept coming out of the needle.


We transferred the skills we had learned in this Art lesson when we made our Christmas crafts for the Fair.  We made pretty Christmas tree decorations and we sewed all around the edges of the trees.