Happy Christmas from p5

We would like to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thanks for all your hard work this term. Here are a few highlights from the class.

Vivienne – My favourite thing was writing. I liked doing descriptive, Christmas and free writing best. I also liked doing gymnastics in PE. I liked when we got to show the class our work. I liked doing the presentation for the Sustainable Squad, the snowflakes and the Space pictures in pastels.

Rosie – I really liked doing the Inspire Christmas iPad activities. I also liked making Christingles.

Ellie – I liked the pantomime because it was really funny!

Eden – I liked making the owls even though it took me a long time to do. I also liked when we brought our pumpkins into school.

James – I liked making the light up pictures. I also liked writing and the pantomime.

Lowri – I liked doing the space topic and making space pictures, Christingles and owls. I also liked doing spot the difference on Inspire learning and making the light up pictures.

Leah – I liked painting the calendar. I also liked gymnastics in PE and the Christmas party. I liked the Christmas lunch, writing and the pantomime.

Ruby – I liked Scottish dancing.

Taylor – My favourite things were basketball, the Inspire activities on keynote and writing. I loved doing the nature walk! I also loved the Christmas stained glass art.

Matthew- I liked doing the calendar from Inspire learning. I also liked the Christmas party, Christmas free writing, gymnastics and the pantomime.

Beth – I liked us having a Halloween party in the classroom. I also liked doing the early morning starter tasks and the Christingles.

Zara – I liked the Christmas party. I also liked making the light up pictures, owls and Christingles.

Struan – I liked doing perspective in art.

Grace – I liked having the Christmas dinner, the Christingles and making the owls and poppies. I liked the Halloween and Christmas parties and the pantomime!

Review of the week

We continued reading, writing and maths this week as well as doing many Christmas crafty things.

Here are the Christmas cards we made.

We made felt stuffed owls, using many skills such as threading, tying knots, sewing and cutting.

Our party on Tuesday afternoon was a great success. We danced and played games with P5b and enjoyed party food and drink.

We have learned lots from the Inspire 12 days of Christmas iPad activities. We have made animated gif cards, Memojis and AR scenes.

Mrs Hill, a retired science teacher and STEM ambassador, gave us light up circuits she made. We designed a picture and choose where the light should go, and where the switch should go.
Here are our creations, thank you Mrs Hill!

P5 Christmas party

P5a and P5b enjoyed their Christmas party on Tuesday afternoon. There was dancing, games and party food, and some very smart and sparkly outfits!
Thank you to Mr Hawkins and Mr Cocolin who have been teaching the dances in PE, and to the Parent Council for the lovely party bags.

P5a review of the week

We have been doing some Christmas themed activities this week.

We made Advent  christingles and have posted a video about them.

We sang our Christmas song and painted pictures to go with it.

In PE we have been learning dances for our party next week.

Our recount writing was about our journey back from space where some goes wrong but fortunately we resolve it and get home safely.

In grammar we learned about comparative and superlative adjectives.

We are learning about written methods for multiplication and will be doing division methods next.

In health and well-being we watched an NSPCC video with the message ‘speak out, stay safe’.

We have been using our iPads to learn new skills from the Inspire Team’s 12 days of Christmas. Here are some of our creations!


Life in space recount

Life in space by Celeste

Me and my family have now been in space for just over 10 months.  We have just passed Neptune! It was as blue as the sea. We are venturing further into our space journey.

The food in space is okay but it is very dry and as crunchie as the bark from an Oak tree. It doesn’t really smell of anything, even the space sweets don’t smell. There is no water in anything so it is like you are eating sand. We have to drink out of pouches with a straw in it.

There are a lot of rooms in the rocket. When we first got in the rocket it felt like a maze. My bedroom is tiny and I need to strap myself in at night to my bed.  One time Plouto didn’t get strapped in his bed properly so when I woke up I found him floating around still sleeping. The toilet is really odd! It’s like a vacuum with a cup on the end.

The gym is very important for keeping us healthy. There is an exercise bike and it doesn’t even have a seat! There is a treadmill and it is vertical so it looks like you might fall off. Lastly there is a weight lifting machine. That is very important to keep your arms strong.

On the rocket there is a lot of work to do like fixing wires and screwing in screws. We sometimes need to do work on the outside. When that happens we have to do a space walk. It is often nerve wracking but not all the time.

Being in space is very fun but it is also hard work because there are a lot of jobs to do.

long o spelling

stroke strokes stroked stroking sunstroke breaststroke
explode explodes exploded exploding unexploded explosions
pose posed posing poser suppose proposed
scope scopes telescope periscope telescopes stethoscope
globe globes global globally globetrotting globetrotter
broke broken broker unbroken heartbroken brokenheartedly
telephone telephones telephoned telephoning telephoned telephoning
antelope antelopes antelopes antelopes antelopes antelopes