P5a review of the week

We were delighted to receive our prize book from storyteller Allison Galbraith, it is full of mythical stories related to nature.

We had a visit from the Cornet, the lass and previous Cornets and lasses. Well done to Struan for winning the horseshoe for correctly answering that this is the Beltane’s 125th anniversary.

We enjoyed Beltane lunch on Thursday. It was great to be back together and sing for all the special guests. Thank you Mrs Clyde and the team for the delicious food!

We finished writing our imaginative stories about the perilous journey of a water droplet. We made our stories into illustrated books.

In maths we used various strategies to solve the mystery of the missing snack! It involved number operations, using data in tables and finding equivalent fractions.

Our spelling was revision of the -ear. -air and -ure patterns.

Wider achievements- Struan earned this medal from a gymnastics competition. His favourite event is the vault. Cara wore this jacket when she took part in the Beltane horse riding. She is pleased to pin the 2022 ribbon on. Well done to both of you!

Review of the week

We really enjoyed sports day on Tuesday and did our best. It was a chance to work with others from p4-7 from our houses, and to try different activities.

In class we spent time playing board games together.

In writing we are writing an imaginative story based on the water cycle. Our main character, a water droplet, goes on its journey and encounters some challenges! To be continued…

Wider achievements come from Beth and Cara as they got new blue belts in karate. This is up a level from green. Congratulations!

Last month  Vivienne took part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, running 2K! Here she is with her medal. Well done!


Review of the week

We started our week with a live lesson on water, delivered by Ecoschools and Keep Scotland Beautiful.

We learned about penguins, flapper skates, mythical water creatures and the water footprint. We were inspired to write our own stories about water creatures and today when we joined the follow up assembly we learned that we were winners! Both p5 classes have won one of Allison Galbraith’s books! We were delighted to see some of our stories shared.


Other highlights of the week

  • science experiment to clean water
  • continued algebra, using function machines
  • joined a Scottish Sumdog competition
  • learned about chance and certainty
  • practised for Sports Day
  • practised singing Beltane songs
  • learned to deal with struggle in health and well-being

Our spelling was contractions; making two words into one using an apostrophe for missing letters.

Cleaning water

Today we were scientists and carried out a water cleaning experiment!

First, we got a cup of clean water. Next, we went outside and made our water as filthy as possible. This was great fun!

Finally, we worked out that we needed to develop a filtering system with holes that would trap larger objects but let the water drip through. Well done Finlay for describing this.

We said that we couldn’t drink our water even if it looked clean because there might be bacteria in it that could harm us.

Well done p5 for discovering and learning!

Eco schools/Scottish Water live lesson

We spent the morning in three different workshops as part of a biodiversity live lesson on water. We have been learning about the water cycle so this was really inspiring.

workshop 1 was live from the penguin enclosure at Edinburgh zoo. We learned about the work the zoo is doing to help penguin conservation. We learned about the different ways penguins care for their eggs and we learned about an endangered species – flapper skates.

workshop 2 was from a storyteller Allison Galbraith where we joined in with sound effects for a mythical creature story. There are many Scottish mythical water creatures, selfies, kelpies, Loch Ness monster and stoor worms!

workshop 3 was all about the water footprint of everyday objects. Did you know that it takes 3 litres of water and a quarter litre of oil to produce a litre of bottled water? We learned about ways to reduce water waste and how to be more aware that products use water in the manufacturing process.

Here are some moments from the day.

Back in the building with p5a parents

We opened our doors again at last today and welcomed parents into our classroom. It was wonderful to work together with our mums and dads and talk about our learning.

There were 4 activities; create a crown for the jubilee tea party, draw a graph of some class data we collected, try our jubilee quiz and make a miniature water cycle model.

We ended with a demonstration of our drum sticks that we made with Mat the Hat.

Thanks to everyone who came along, it made our day!