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Review of the week

This week we continued to practise reciting our Scots Poems ‘Oor Wullie’ and ‘To a Mouse’.

We looked at the art by Scottish artist Steve Brown and make a collaborative colouring of one his his highland coo paintings.

We wrote simile poems about our mum or dad and will post some next week.

In maths we made 1 metre, half a metre and quarter of a metre paper strips and measured classroom objects using them.

Review of the week

It was great to welcome P5 back this week, and everyone was chatting enthusiastically about the holidays.

We have started lots of new learning:

Maths – fractions of shapes. We are also continuing to link multiplication and division and see how they link to fractions.

Writing – poetry. We are collecting words! Firstly we used thesauri to find words for the verb ‘moving’. We are also looking at Scots words as we read and write Scots poems.

Scots – we have two poems to learn – Oor Wullie and To a Mouse. We have read Oor Wullie and split into 4 groups to learn a verse each as a group. We can also learn the whole poem to recite if we want to.

Rocks and Minerals – our topic is about rocks, the surface of the Earth and natural disasters. We have learned that there are many minerals and that there are three types of rock defined by the way they are formed. We are excited about becoming geologists and collecting our own rocks to study!

Health and Wellbeing – we are learning about emotions and how they can be categorized in zones. We talked about ways to get ourselves out of some zones so that we are in the best place to learn.

Making rocks

We are learning about types of rocks and how they are formed. Today we watched as different foods were put together just like rock formation.

1. Sedimentary rocks are formed when sediment – pieces of rocks, minerals or dead plants, animals or shells gather together in layers on the sea or river bed. Layers are pressed together by water and sedimentary rocks are formed.

2. Igneous rock is formed when magma inside the earth or lava from a volcano cools. Sometimes other rocks and minerals are trapped inside.

3. Metamorphic rock is formed when rocks or minerals are pressed by heat or other pressure.

You can try this at home with an adult’s help!

Happy Christmas from p5

We would like to wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thanks for all your hard work this term. Here are a few highlights from the class.

Vivienne – My favourite thing was writing. I liked doing descriptive, Christmas and free writing best. I also liked doing gymnastics in PE. I liked when we got to show the class our work. I liked doing the presentation for the Sustainable Squad, the snowflakes and the Space pictures in pastels.

Rosie – I really liked doing the Inspire Christmas iPad activities. I also liked making Christingles.

Ellie – I liked the pantomime because it was really funny!

Eden – I liked making the owls even though it took me a long time to do. I also liked when we brought our pumpkins into school.

James – I liked making the light up pictures. I also liked writing and the pantomime.

Lowri – I liked doing the space topic and making space pictures, Christingles and owls. I also liked doing spot the difference on Inspire learning and making the light up pictures.

Leah – I liked painting the calendar. I also liked gymnastics in PE and the Christmas party. I liked the Christmas lunch, writing and the pantomime.

Ruby – I liked Scottish dancing.

Taylor – My favourite things were basketball, the Inspire activities on keynote and writing. I loved doing the nature walk! I also loved the Christmas stained glass art.

Matthew- I liked doing the calendar from Inspire learning. I also liked the Christmas party, Christmas free writing, gymnastics and the pantomime.

Beth – I liked us having a Halloween party in the classroom. I also liked doing the early morning starter tasks and the Christingles.

Zara – I liked the Christmas party. I also liked making the light up pictures, owls and Christingles.

Struan – I liked doing perspective in art.

Grace – I liked having the Christmas dinner, the Christingles and making the owls and poppies. I liked the Halloween and Christmas parties and the pantomime!