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Block 3 (January/ February 2022) revision

Poetry writing

Write a poem about something you like eg a toy, a member of your family, an animal, a hobby or interest, a place you like to go.

Use one of the styles of poetry you have learned in class – for example; rhyming, countdown, alliteration, Haiku, Kenning etc

Illustrate your poem.


Grammar – Using commas

Complete the following activities to practise using commas.



Play this game to help you work out equivalent fractions.


two revision P5 2021 – 2022


Spelling practice. Use some of the long vowel words we have learned this term in these activities.

1. Write a rhyme or a rap that contains some of the spelling words.

2. Make a crossword using some long vowel words. Write the definitions as clues.

3. Write a story that includes at least one spelling word in each sentence.

Recount Writing

We have learned how to write a recount consisting of a title, orientation, sequence of events and personal comment.

Use this checklist to write a great recount about an experience, trip, special day or event.

P5 recount writing checklist

name:                  date:





When? Who? Where? Why?



Sequence of Events

What happened?






Written using past tense verbs



Capital letters and full stops



Time and sequence words



Joining words; and, but, so, because



Personal Comment

How did the events make me feel?Give a reason




1. We have been working on subtraction.

Practise your number bonds with online games such as

Check out these videos and links to games

We have also been learning times tables and using them to solve multiplication and division problems.

Sumdog Maths and Spelling


2. Angles. We have been learning about right, acute and obtuse angles.

Make a picture like this, and mark the angles as right, acute or obtuse.

Block2 reading home work


P5 Reading Homework

You have 4 weeks to read your novel at home and complete the following tasks on your iPad. Look at how many chapters there are and plan your reading time by splitting the book into chunks.

Due by 26th November Write a letter to one of the characters to ask them something/give them advice/cheer them up/tell them off! Your address should go at the top right-hand side.
3rd December Vocabulary – choose 5 interesting words from the book and write the definition. Use a dictionary if you want to. Can you use them correctly in a sentence?
10th December Dialogue. Use speech bubbles or direct speech (using speech marks “ ”) to write a conversation between two characters. You can make up a conversation based on events in the book.
17th December Write a Christmas wish list for one of the characters based on what you know about their likes and personality! Draw a picture of them opening one of their gifts on Christmas morning.


Block one revision


Spelling practice. Use some of the short vowel words we have learned this term in these activities.

Write a short story using as many of the words as possible.

Create a word search using either squared paper or an online template.

Writing in paragraphs. We have learned how to organise our writing into paragraphs. We take a new paragraph when we change person, place, time or subject.

Write a description of your favourite toy, your pet or your bedroom. Include at least three paragraphs.


We have been working on place value and addition. Play these games to practice number bonds.

Show your understanding of place value by completing these questions.


3D shape. We have been learning to recognise 2D and 3D shapes. Go on a shape hunt around your house, garden or local area. Take  photographs of the shapes you see and label them with their name.




Remember to keep reading a variety of books at home.  Share with us in class what you have been reading and recommendations. You may borrow a book form the class library to read at home.



Here are some links to help you practice your number bonds, times tables and addition and subtraction work.

Hit the button

Times table speed test

Addition and subtraction games

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