Review of the year by p5a

We have had a fantastic p5 year together and are looking back on some of our achievements.
I am very proud of you all and wish you all the best in P6.

Mrs Lloyd

19 thoughts on “Review of the year by p5a”

  1. I really enjoyed all the inspire learning iPad activities, all the art we’ve done, reading and writing.

  2. I have loved P5A and it is hard to pick my favourite thing but I think it was drumming with Mat the Hat.

  3. I enjoyed when we were reading polar bears for a reading book and one of the readers read the index I enjoyed that because after we had read the book we made the index into a song.

  4. I also liked our polar bear art, reading the last bear, catscape and max and the millions. I liked SRA and writing our narratives for Alison Galbraith. I really enjoyed the non-fiction book polar bears because when it got to one of the readers turn there were no (real)pages left so they read the index and we made it into a song!

  5. My favourite part of p5a was when we had the tea party because some music came on then everyone started to dance,we had to make cupcakes and sit with your friends when you ate the cupcake

  6. I liked drumming with mat the hat and our water droplet story’s.
    I liked the tea party we played lots of games.

  7. I enjoyed when we read the non-fiction book polar bears and one of our friends read the index I enjoyed it because after we made the index into a song.

  8. I loved being in P5 I liked doing different subjects and topics. I especially liked doing art. I am sad to leave P5😔 and I just want to say a big thank you to Mrs Lloyd

  9. A Art
    B Blooket
    C Clock times
    D Digital ambassador
    E Education
    F Football
    G Games
    H Harry Potter math
    I iPads
    J Jokes
    K Kingsland
    L Lunch
    M Max and the millions
    N Newsround
    O Oaty biscuits
    P Peebles Beltane
    Q Queens Jubilee
    R Red Nose Day
    S School
    T Today
    U Uranus from space
    V Viscosity
    W Water cycle
    X Xylophone
    Y Yesterday
    Z Zero

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