Abi Elphinstone Edinburgh Book Festival

Today we watched Abi Elphinstone at the online Edinburgh Book Festival. She is an author and told us all about the exciting ideas she uses for her adventures. We sent in questions and she answered a few.
Here are some of the things she told us…

Her husband is Norwegian and his great, great, great grandfather invented the fish finger!

Her favourite colour is blue.

It takes about a year to write a book; 6 months planning then 6 months drafting and writing.

If you want to be a writer then always carry a notebook with you.

She has dyslexia.

She was brought up in Scotland then lived in London where she had two sons and an ideas box in her writing hut. Now she lives in Scotland again.

Her favourite crisps are Wotsits and Twiglets.

Her first books were the Dream Snatcher series.

When she was little she wanted to be a unicorn!

Everdark is based on dark forests near where she grew up.

Here is her website

Welcome to my world



Hello, we have enjoyed our first full week in P5a and here are some of the things we have learned.

Last week we worked with p5b to create a playground game using any of the four operations; add, subtract, multiply or divide. We were very creative!

Our writing is learning about the features of descriptions so that we can plan and write our own piece. We also wrote a reflective poem about being in P5a.

In numeracy we are learning about numbers in 10000s and their place value. We worked in pairs to say, write and sequence large numbers.

We are listening to the class novel ‘Max and the Millions’ by Ross Montgomery and are about to discover the miniature kingdom that Mr Darrow, the janitor, created.

In art we learned about perspective and painted a scene showing the vanishing point. We looked at Paul Klee buildings too, and drew a similar scene.

Here are the spelling patterns we learned this week.

short a spelling

back backing backchat backstab backwards backstabber
chat chats chatter chatted chatting chatterbox
trap trapper trapped trapping trapdoor mousetrap
stamp stamps stamped stamping stampede stampedes
park parks parking parked parker parkland
path paths pathway footpath psychopath sympathetic
gang gangs ganged ganging gangster gangplank

Ice cream creations

We had great fun last week designing and drawing some different flavours of ice cream for art. They looked so tasty that Mrs Stevenson got in touch with Seren at Flower of Milk and she has offered to choose one flavour and make it into ice cream that we can then all taste. Super exciting!!

We have each created one flavour which we had to name, draw and describe and Seren will pick a winner.