Frozen dinosaurs

Today we explored how to free some dinosaurs that were frozen in ice.

We watched them melting, we bashed them to try and break the ice and we used salt to see if that would make the ice melt faster.

“We could use salt to melt the ice because that’s what the lorrys use.” – Jacob




A visit from some snowmen

Today we had a surprise visit from some snowmen.

We had to work in groups to decide how to help our snowman not to melt. Some of us thought putting a coat on him would make him warm and so he would melt. Others thought a coat might stop him from melting so fast. Lots of us thought that using foil as a space blanket would help. We had to give our snowman a name and look after him for the day.

This snowman has a thick coat and it helped to stop him melting quickly.

This snowman has a funny hat
This snowman was left with no coat on.
This snowman is called Snoeelulee (Snowy Lovely)

Our experiment showed that the snowman with the coat melted more slowly than the snowman without a coat.

‘The coat kept the warmness out ‘ – Tommy

‘And it kept the coldness in’ – Ronan

Exploring the snow

We started our new IDL topic looking at water in its different forms. We had lots of fun exploring the snow in the playground.

I am rolling a snow crystal – Lily

We made all sorts of prints in the snow

Snow angels!
We made a snowman together
Ellie made an ice volcano
We found we could do ice dancing
Is it a whale or a wave – Ronan

‘It’s like plasticine – you can make things with it’ – Robin

‘When you hold it tight it melts’ – Finlay

‘If you cover the ice with more snow it takes longer to melt’ – Jacob

‘When the ice melts it turns into water’ – Celeste

‘Crystals help the snow to stick together’ – Robin

When we were inside we made igloos with the blocks.

We came up with lots of ideas of how to explore water, snow and ice as a class. We would like to find out about snowy places, have snowmen in the classroom, find out how ice melts, find out about snowflakes, play with ice, build our own igloo.

A busy start to 2018!

We have had a busy first week of 2018. Look at all we have learned to do. We have worked hard on our handwriting and have found different ways of practising how to form our letters correctly. We have explored how to use the Waxy Doodles that Santa brought us for Christmas. These will really help our fine motor skills.

We have been learning how to tell the time by exploring the clock face and looking at digital clocks. We made clocks and can use them to show 1 o’clock, 3 o’clock etc. We also explored how long a minute was by doing different actions and timing them. It was very hard to do star jumps for a whole minute!