P5 reading homework

P5 Reading Homework

You have 5 weeks to read your novel at home and complete the following tasks on your iPad or on paper. Look at how many chapters there are and plan your reading time by splitting the book into chunks. Be prepared to send/show your homework to your teacher by Friday.


due 4th March Design a new front cover, blurb and give the book a new title. Try to entice new readers to read the book , but don’t give too much away!
due 11th March Adjectives. Find 6 adjectives from the book and replace them with similar words. Write the new sentences and underline the adjective. (You can use a thesaurus to help you if you want).
due 18th March Sequencing. Chose 5 events from the story and muddle up the order in which they happened. Challenge someone in your group to put them in the correct sequence.
due 25th March Connections and similarities. Write about a person, book, place or event that is similar to those from your book.
due 1st April April Fool’s Day! If you could play a trick on one of the characters, what would you do? Don’t be too cruel, remember.



Review of the week

It was an interesting first week back, as we met our new head teacher, Mrs Strathearn, had a very snowy day and saw all our friends again after the holiday.

Our learning in reading was non fiction texts. We identified the differences between fiction and non fiction texts, and how the features help us to find the information we need.

In writing we are learning about the purpose and features of information reports before we write our own.

Next Thursday is World Book Day so we are making a class book about our favourite books, to share with our partner school in Nepal.

In maths we have been adding and rounding decimals, and will be applying what we know about decimal places in our next topic, money. We have also learned about grams and kilograms and will be weighing food items.

Our topic on the layers of the Earth led us to look at earthquakes. We have found where in the world the fault lines are.

Tuesday was Thinking Day and here are our Brownies and Cubs in their uniforms.


Spelling th/wh

cloth cloths clothes clothing clothed clothesline
three threes threesome threefold threesome threefold
throb throbs throbbing throbbed heartthrob heartthrobs
throw throws throwing thrower thrown throwback
length lengths lengthen lengthened lengthening wavelength
health healthy unhealthy healthier healthiest healthcare
white whites whiten whitest whiteboard whitening
wheel wheels wheelie wheeling cartwheel wheelbarrow

Tectonic plates

As part of our topic about natural disasters, we have been looking at the different layers of the Earth and how the crust is divided into different tectonic plates.  We used crackers to represent the plates and red icing for the mantle to show how the plates move against each other.

When the plates move apart (divergent) molten rock erupts creating new crust.

When the plates crash together (convergent) new mountains can be formed.

When the plates slide past each other (transform) they create earthquakes.

Money, money, money

Welcome to the Kingsland toy shop!  We created a sales page with a variety of toys which were on offer and we used coins and notes up to £20 to buy toys from each other. We were revising how to write amounts of money correctly, how to add up amounts of money and listing coins to pay for items.


This week in p5a


We have been practising adding decimals, and learning about metres and kilometres.


We wrote a cinquain poem, with 5 lines and a distinctive shape.

Here are some of our cinquain poems.


battles awaken

winning is good

losing is the worst


by Brodie


Guinea Pigs

very cute

like to nibble

playful,  fast, eating


by Anna



cute, fun

cat chaser, destroyer

fluffy, soft, wet, strong


by Ellie



Cute, tiny

running, playing, biting

always jumping on chairs


by Ruby



caring, helpful

running, cooking, painting

loves to sell flowers


by Lowri



cute, angel

barking, sweating, kissing

hungry for some food


by Cara



sweet, juicy

licking, slurping, sucking

dribbling down my arm


by Struan



titchy, cuddly

gaming, running, kicking

always tightly cuddling me


by Eden



cold, freezing

sleighing, snowing, building

birthday time excites me


by Zara



crazy runner

loves chewing stuff

loves chasing cats daily


by Lewis



Friendly, Feline

Pouncing, Crouching, Hunting

Playing and rolling about


by Rosie


Art. For Valentine’s Day we drew geometric shapes inside a heart, by joining carefully placed dots. We painted them in warm, pastel shades.


We are enjoying drumming with Mat the Hat and have been set the challenge of coming up with a band name.
The drummer of the week was Ruby, well done!