Happy Halloween

We had a spooky themed activity morning today! We did quizzes, puzzles, colouring, apple dooking and watched ‘Room on the Broom’. We took home our collage monsters and painted pumpkin pictures. The costumes were fabulous!

Other learning this week includes HWB; thinking about the qualities of a friend, grammar; identifying past tense and past continuous tense verbs and maths; compass points and turns.
We are learning the features of recount writing and looked at time and sequence words. Our task was to work in a group and sort words into the type of time and sequence group they were from. We did really well and learned some new words such as ‘initially’ and ‘subsequently’.

We are reading the novel ‘Catscape’ by Mike Nicholson and we made a ‘Missing Cat’ poster.

Our topic is out of this world – the Solar System – and we learned what the different planets are made from.

long a spelling

maze mazes amaze amazing amazed amazement
cape capes capable escape escaped uncapable
rate rates rated rating narrator overrated
space spaces spacebar spacesuit spacious spaceman
behave behaves behaving behaved behaviour misbehaving
game games gamer gaming videogame gamekeeper
flame flames flamed flaming inflamed flamethrower
slate slates slater slated translate translation

Review of the week

It was EU code week and we took part in an app design afternoon online with lots of other classes. It was a great creative challenge and we enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other.

Here are some our app design ideas.

  • Saving endangered animals
  • learning how to do different sports
  • learning to read
  • help with reading, writing and drawing
  • donating items to those who need them
  • learning how to horse ride

We are creating an Autumn display so we went on a leaf identification walk. We used a chart to spot which trees the leaves were from.

Here are our long a sound spelling words.

In numeracy we are using number bonds to practise mental strategies for subtraction. We are also learning the language of subtraction such as

  • minus
  • less than
  • difference between
  • find the difference
  • reduce
  • how many more
  • take away

In maths we are learning about different types of angles, such as right, acute and obtuse.

Our writing this block is recount writing, a personal account of an event or experience, with a personal comment. We were very observant in spotting that it includes past tense verbs.

We drew and painted pumpkins, mixing a variety of shades of orange.

PE is gymnastics and we are very excited about using the gym apparatus!



Autumn leaves

We were out in the playground yesterday trying to identify the different types of trees we have around the school. We discovered we have quite a few different types of trees including oak, maple, sycamore, rowan and holly. We enjoyed looking at the different shapes of the leaves and found lots of lovely colours too.

Try using the leaf identifier to see what trees are near your house/ in the local park/ on your favourite walk.

Code week

We had a great time designing our own apps on Tuesday as part of code week. We had to brainstorm, plan and create a prototype which we are going to share with the rest of the class. We came up with loads of brilliant ideas and some of us would really like to be app designers when we are older.

P5a term highlights

We have enjoyed this term together and have achieved a lot!

Our last piece of writing was a description of a special person, so you might receive a copy if it was about you!

In maths we  can add using a variety of mental and written methods, in particular, using place value.

Yesterday some p7s taught us how to use keynote on our iPads and we have been practising making animated presentations.

Today is national poetry day so we have been reading and writing poems.

We finished our class novel ‘Max and the Millions’ and really enjoyed the end when Max was reunited with Mr Darrow.

This term we have made patterns cats, Charles Rennie Mackintosh roses, perspective and forced perspective photographs.

Other highlights this term are

  • learning to play netball
  • getting better at spelling
  • learning to use paragraphs

Here are some of the keynote presentations.

Taylor’s poems

Rosie and Eden made these

Louis made this

Have a great holiday and I’ll see you on Tuesday 19th October.

short u sound spelling

lump lumps lumpy plump lumpiness
pump pumped pumping pumper pumpkin
truck trucks trucking struck trucker
love lovely clover lovingly loveliness
crumb crumbs crumble crumbly crumbling
funny unfunny funnier funnily funniest
stumble stumbles stumbled stumbling stumbling
stump stumps stumpy stumped stumping
month months monthly bimonthly bimonthly

This week in p5a

Here are the spelling words this week. The pattern is different ways of making the short o sound.

In art we drew a patchwork patterned cat. We worked on fine detail to add a variety of patterns. Can you spot the ‘Elmer’ cat?!

We wrote a description of a person this week, focussing on organising our ideas into paragraphs. The subject was Mrs May, the teacher from the ORT stories.

In health and well-being we learned about the dangers of smoking. We were in groups and had an aspect to present to the class. The main messages were

  • Most people don’t smoke
  • smoking is bad for you for lots of reasons
  • It is illegal to smoke in many places
  • smoking related diseases kill
  • there are supports to help people stop smoking

We learned that we have a partner school in Nepal and we are going to ask them questions about their school, tell them about our school and share what we do as a school to help the climate. We are learning about COP26 that is happening in November and are keen to share our own ideas about the environment.