Inspire Learning and picnic

Today we had a brilliant session from the Inspire Learning team.  We were using the Sphero app to write some code.  Our aim was to get our Sphero Bolts (Mini robots) from one cone to another and back again as fast as we could.  P4 had great fun and were quite disappointed that it was just a taster session.  I think we could have stayed out there all morning.

We then finished the day with a class picnic.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cakes, sweets and bubbles; thank you Kingsland.

As this is my last day teaching P4a I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children and their families.  It has been a very strange year but it has been my absolute pleasure to teach this class.  I wish you all the best going forward.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer. 🙂

p4b spelling

car cars scar cartoon cardboard carnivore
star stars starting started starring starvation
door doors doormat doorbell doorstop doorknob
floor floors floored flooring floorboard floorboards
fur furs further furry furniture furthermore
hurt hurts hurting hurtled hurtful hurtfully
stir stirs stirred stirrer stirring stirringly
firm firms firmly firmer firmest infirmary

p4b spelling

right rights bright fright frighten frightened
rush brush rushes crush rushing rusher
write writer writes writing written handwriting
wrong wrongs wrongly wrongful wrongfully wrongfulness
wrap wraps unwrap wrapped wrapper wrapping
marry marries married marrying remarry marriage
arrest arrests arresting arrested arrester rearrested

Week beginning 31.5.21

We are focusing on telling the time at the moment. We are revising o’clock, half past and quarter to/past and learning to tell the time on an analogue clock at 5 minute intervals.

We have been using the interactive clock in the link below and using 3 steps to identify the time: Is the minute hand on the past or to side of the clock? What hour has the hour hand has gone past or is coming up to? Finally we have been counting in 5’s to identify the minutes?

This Maths Frame game is a fun way of working on this at home too.


This week’s spellings are:


























Health and wellbeing:

We have been thinking and talking about disability. This was explained to the children: A disability is when a person finds it difficult (or maybe impossible) to walk, see, hear, speak, learn or do other important things. Some disabilities last forever, some just last for a while.  A disability can be something a person was born with, or it can be because the person has been ill or had an accident.

We are learning and talking about disability because we want our school and our class to be a place where every child is welcome and learning and has friends. We watched some short films to help us learn.  Here are the links.  Your child might be happy to watch them again with you.

P4b spelling

zoo zoos zoom zoomed zooming zookeeper
lazy lazily lazier laziest laziness lazybones
fizz fizzes fizzy fizzed fizzier fizzing
was wasn’t waste wasted washing washable
phase phases phased phasing multiphase interphase
cards postcards discards flashcards scorecards placards
easy easily easier easiest uneasy uneasiness
realise realises realised realising realisation realisations