2D Shapes

Today we went on a shape walk to see what shapes there were in the playground. We found shapes everywhere! We were able to tell our teacher what the shapes were called and what was special about them.

Back in class we sorted toys into squares, triangles and circles.

Models that we push and pull

This term we have been learning about how toys move and the forces we need to use to make them go. In our play we have been making models and explaining to the teacher how they move.

“I pull this bit and it launches off. Then they can both fly. It’s super hero name is Racing Man.”

“It curls up when it is not an emergency. It can even move when it is lying down. I need to push it and pull it.”

“It rolls up. I am using my hands to push it and roll it into a circle. “

Exploring paint

This week we have been exploring paint during our activity time. We have painted pictures of our choice. Someone even found out that if you mix red and yellow paint together your get orange.

We have also been painting bears as a class.

Building Ramps

We have been working together to build different ramps. We explored different ramps to see which one was the best. Sometimes the cars fell off so we had to find different ways of keeping them on. We thought about ramps which made the cars go faster and ramps that made the cars go further.

Loose Parts Play

We have been using lots of different bits and bobs to make different models and pictures.

We made a bridge to our castle out of corks.


Who is hiding in this scary cave?


A busy day at the Kingsland zoo!




Rocket to the moon


See saw for the play mobil people


Space Station