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Measuring things big and small

This week we have been learning about how to measure  different objects. We had to think about what we could use to work out how big an object was and how to compare its size to other objects.

When we were measuring something big like a castle we used our feet, hands or whole bodies.

When we measured smaller objects in the classroom we used cubes.

We discovered that to measure accurately we had to make sure there were no spaces and to compare the size of two objects we had to measure them both with the same measurement tool.

Castle activities

We have been busy learning all about castles. We have had fun making and painting castles. Some of us drew a plan of our castles then worked as a group to build them.


We used polystyrene to press print castles and we used our paint brushes carefully to paint castles with lots of detail.


Visit to Tesco

Today P1 visited Tesco with Michael the puppet to find out what goes on behind the scenes. We learned all about what happens to the deliveries, how the shelves are filled and how tills work. We also got to feel how cold the freezer is!!

The lady from Tesco talked to us about the fruit they have and we tried some. She kindly gave us some fruit to take back to school.

Health Week Activity Day

We had a great healthy active day today today.

P6 came to show us how to play different play ground games. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to playing the games we learned with our friends at playtime.

After lunch were had our activity afternoon. We had fun learning cheer leading, yoga, zumba, ballet and relaxing in the chill-out room.

Story Pictures

Today we drew story pictures telling the story of having a snowball fight. We put lots of detail in our pictures to help us write our story and we shared them with each other. We were then able to share our friend’s story with the class.


Today we took our igloos home. We made them out of clay and had to leave them to dry for a few days  before we painted them. We molded the clay with our hands and then used tools to make the blocks. We have been learning about how water changes when it gets cold and the different things we can do with it.



Frozen dinosaurs

Today we explored how to free some dinosaurs that were frozen in ice.

We watched them melting, we bashed them to try and break the ice and we used salt to see if that would make the ice melt faster.

“We could use salt to melt the ice because that’s what the lorrys use.” – Jacob




A visit from some snowmen

Today we had a surprise visit from some snowmen.

We had to work in groups to decide how to help our snowman not to melt. Some of us thought putting a coat on him would make him warm and so he would melt. Others thought a coat might stop him from melting so fast. Lots of us thought that using foil as a space blanket would help. We had to give our snowman a name and look after him for the day.

This snowman has a thick coat and it helped to stop him melting quickly.

This snowman has a funny hat
This snowman was left with no coat on.
This snowman is called Snoeelulee (Snowy Lovely)

Our experiment showed that the snowman with the coat melted more slowly than the snowman without a coat.

‘The coat kept the warmness out ‘ – Tommy

‘And it kept the coldness in’ – Ronan