Sweet dreams

In P2 we have been thinking about how important sleep is to keep us healthy.

We have started to make dream catchers to help us to sleep well.

Many of us enjoyed making the web part of the dream catcher and drawing the pictures.

Sleepy heads

In Primary 2 we have been thinking about the importance of sleep to keep us healthy.

A good night’s sleep helps us to feel happy, concentrate well and it can even help us to make good choices when we play with our friends.

  • How many hours does a hairy ¬†armadillo sleep?
  • How does the parrotfish protect itself when it sleeps?
  • What bird can sleep while it flies?
  • Which animal can sleep standing up?

What did we enjoy learning this week?

Primary 2 learned about Science in Art and we had so much fun doing it.

We learned that when something is coloured in with oil pastel and then liquid touches it there is no mixing – the wax in the oil pastel is resistant to the liquid! ( Wax Resistance).

We were amazed to try this out again and again and find that the wash of paint never mixed with our oil pastels.

We are also learning how to join up some letters in handwriting. The challenge is to try to write words with these joins in them now……….

It has also been fun filling in our Weather diaries this week as the weather has changed so much throughout the day and this has given us a lot to talk and think about. It has really made us think about the dangers of weather and how we need to prepare for different types of weather in our everyday lives.