Block 4 week 2

It was so lovely to see everyone’s smiling faces last week. Everyone looked refreshed and ready to learn after the Easter break.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us and if anyone is keen to follow up on anything or do a bit extra at home here is a little bit more information.

This week P4a’s root word spellings for this week are:








Your child will have a personalised list on their iPad. Please feel free to practise these at home.

In science we are looking at plants. So far we have looked at naming the various parts of plants and flowers. We have been learning about different types of pollination; wind and insect pollination as well as self pollination and cross pollination. We’ve been ‘busy bees’ distributing pollen around the various flowers in our garden. (P4 you can tell your families how that worked) and we will continue to look at: Fertilisation and dispersal, What plants need, Plant adaptation and the life cycle of a plant.

We have been revising our times tables over the last couple of weeks and the children are doing really well – they beat me 10-1 in beat the teacher today!!!!
For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at missing number sums using all 4 number operations. Some examples:
23 + __ = 51
__ – 12 = 10
6 X __ = 18
42 __ 7 = 6

The children all have their Sumdog logins and should be able to access a wide range of maths (and literacy) activities from home.

Our pet monster stories are coming on beautifully and we can’t wait to share these with you.
Next week we are moving on to exposition writing and we are looking at an email that has been sent from a class of children to the local council.

We have been learning to use a thesaurus and we have been finding exciting synonyms for some standard everyday words. (e.g. nice)
In reading we have been exploring the difference between fact and opinion.

Our health and wellbeing focus is: Expect the unexpected and you should have all received an email with a flyer explaining all about this topic.

We are looking forward to a lovely final term in P4 and we will keep you updated over the coming weeks.

p4b spelling

cow cows cowboy cowpox coward cowardly
crowd crowds crowded crowding crowdedness overcrowded
frown frowns frowned frowning frowner frowningly
brown browns browned brownie brownies browner
house houses greenhouse household housekeeper housewife
round rounds around rounders rounding roundabout
count counter counted counting county countryside
shout shouts shouted shouting shouter shouters

meet my monster

We have had great fun this week creating our own story books all about monsters. We have each made a pet monster, given it a name and started writing about what happens when the monster follows us to school one day. Surprisingly, things don’t go very well! We will hopefully share some of our finished stories soon.


p4b spelling words

star stars starry starting starring stargazer
grass grasses grassier grassland grasslands grasshopper
dismiss dismisses dismissing dismissed dismissal dismissals
sense senses sensible sensitive sensational sensitivity
intense intensely intensive intensify intensified intensifying
circle circles circled circling circular circular
lace laces lacing laced lacework lacewing
face faces facing faceless facings facelessness
science sciences scientist scientists scientific scientifically