Review of the week

It was EU code week and we took part in an app design afternoon online with lots of other classes. It was a great creative challenge and we enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other.

Here are some our app design ideas.

  • Saving endangered animals
  • learning how to do different sports
  • learning to read
  • help with reading, writing and drawing
  • donating items to those who need them
  • learning how to horse ride

We are creating an Autumn display so we went on a leaf identification walk. We used a chart to spot which trees the leaves were from.

Here are our long a sound spelling words.

In numeracy we are using number bonds to practise mental strategies for subtraction. We are also learning the language of subtraction such as

  • minus
  • less than
  • difference between
  • find the difference
  • reduce
  • how many more
  • take away

In maths we are learning about different types of angles, such as right, acute and obtuse.

Our writing this block is recount writing, a personal account of an event or experience, with a personal comment. We were very observant in spotting that it includes past tense verbs.

We drew and painted pumpkins, mixing a variety of shades of orange.

PE is gymnastics and we are very excited about using the gym apparatus!



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