Google Expedition

In the library last week from primary 3-7 there was a google expedition. We all had great fun exploring different places  and different things. We all had goggles to put on an we had to move it around.  The teachers had an Ipad to control what we saw. We also had a trip to the Rain forest and saw lots of different animals. It was very exciting and fun. We all loved it!

sam_3048 sam_3049

By Hannah.

Fun In The Snow

A couple of weeks ago it snowed and we all went out and played. It was fun because there was something for everyone.We had snowball fights in the muga and snowmen building in the playgrounds and more. If you managed to stay of the tracking sheet you were aloud to lay in the snow on the field at the front of the school. By Chelsea



Democracy- What are you enjoying and what has surprised you?

Mrs Harrison has so enjoyed teaching this topic. We have looked at what a right is and the rights that some people do not have. We have found out about dictatorships and Kim Jung Un- North Korea’s dictator. We have found examples of fact, opinion and bias in newspaper reports and we have been writing speeches for debates. What are you enjoying and what has surprised you? Leave a comment below.

What we have been doing in class

In class we have been doing surveys in 3 different groups – favourite cartoon characters , favourite pop stars and favourite films. We put this information into graphs.

We have also been looking at synonyms which are words that are different but have the same meanings .

Lastly we are working on our poems which are The boy on the train by Mary Campbell Smith and an Extract from Tam ‘o’ Shanter  by Robert Burns.


Google Expedition


This week Greg from the Google Expeditions team came to take us on a virtual reality tour of  volcanoes and earthquakes. We all got to wear headsets that gave us a 3D tour of inside a volcano and even out to space to see the tectonic plate boundaries. It was really cool!


Scottish Burns Poems

This week everyone in P7 recited their Scottish poems. Some people said their poem in groups and some recited in front of the whole year! Congratulations to the 5 poetry competition finalists in each class who performed today.

We learned Address to the Toothache by Robert Burns and Willie Wastle by Robert Burns.

Click the link below to here these interesting poems.

Willie Wastle Recital

Address to the Toothache

By P7A