P3 Nativity Art

P3 were inspired by very old paintings of the nativity and very modern art work of the Nativity including cartoon character Nativity scenes. In lots of the art we observed light coming from the baby Jesus. We chose a variety of media to create our Nativity art.

Look closely at our awesome art,:

Can you see any favourite cartoon characters?

Can you see light around Baby Jesus?

Christmas Gingerbread in Nursery, P1 and P1/2

This afternoon the Nursery children joined us for a Christmas story called ‘Christmas Gingerbread’ by Janet Winter.

We worked with partners to complete a range of different literacy and numeracy activities related to the book.

It was great to see so many children working together and helping each other.

Please visit again soon!


Primary 1 Highlights

This week we have enjoyed:

  • “Doing the Nativity. I loved singing the camel song”
  • “Looking at shapes in maths. I liked drawing the Christmas pictures using shapes to draw around”
  • “I liked doing our dress rehearsal because my big sister was there!”
  • “I liked learning about food chains and different animals”
  • “I liked watching ‘The Snowman’ and drawing him”

We are looking forward to our final week of Christmas parties, a pantomime show and a tasty Christmas lunch!

This week in P7

We have enjoyed exploring negative numbers.  We learned about the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them.

We have been able to do our first piece of extended imaginative writing. It was fun to be able to create our own characters and settings and get all our ideas into a story.

Mrs. Fletcher has made sure we are all ready for our party with plenty of dancing practice.

We had a great afternoon sharing our homework task and learning about different countries. We even learned about countries we didn’t know existed.

One of the highlights of this week has been the Carols by Candlelight which helped us all get into the festive spirit.

Kingsland ELC Christmas show!

Our ELC Christmas shows are finished! We hope you all enjoyed our performances on Tuesday and today.

Like we said at the show all the ideas came from the children, they helped make the backdrop and parts of the costumes – please see our floorbook for the story of this!



A huge thank you to all who came to watch us!





What an amazing dress rehearsal ! Good luck for the shows today and tomorrow.

Thank you to Mrs. Ryalls, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Ward for creating the show stopping costumes and corridor display.