Our streets in 1939 at the outbreak of WW2

This week we created a Topic frieze showing a town street in the 1930’s at the outbreak of WW2. We researched housing and clothing of the time through videos as well as using ideas from  our novel Goodnight Mr Tom. It will be interesting to see how our street changes and how the people are affected as the war progresses. Watch this space…….

Scottish Afternoon

We had an amazing Scottish afternoon. The pupils in our school have so many talents and skills, it was fantastic to watch! Here are some of the pupils from P5b that performed at our Scottish afternoon – we had a great variety… poetry performers, singers, chanter players, fiddle players and highland dancers! Some incredible talent to keep an eye on in future years! We’re proud of our KPS pupils!

WW2 Homework

We are currently learning about life during WW2. Here is a note of this term’s topic homework task.

Choose 1 of the five activities to complete at home.

1) Make your own model of an Anderson shelter. Label and describe the main features. It can be made from any material.

2) Make your own model of a plane used during WW2. Research the plane and create a fact file to show the main design features as well as its use during the war. It can be made from any material.

3) Animals played an important part in WW2. Find out what they were used for and create a poster/leaflet/power point/video etc. to show what you find.

4) Each soldier had to carry a lot of equipment whilst out on the front line. Create a poster/leaflet/power point/video to show the equipment they would have carried and explain what the items were used for.

5) Create a timeline to show the main events in WW2.

Homework will be collected on Wednesday 4th of March.

Block 3 homework

Please choose one starter, one main and one dessert activity.

Homework due Monday 30th March 2020.


  • Make a quiz based on what you have been learning about in mapping e.g. a flag quiz, a capital cities quiz, etc.
  • Design a multiplication game that can be used to practise double digit multiplication.
  • Approximately what fraction of the walls of your bedroom is made of glass? Write about what you did to find out.
  • Make a poster demonstrating your knowledge of equivalent fractions.



  • Debates (Can be displayed in any form e.g. poster, PPT, etc)
  • Create your own motion to debate.
  • List as many proposing arguments and opposing arguments as possible.
  • Remember to give reasons for your answers.


  • Persuasive writing
  • Write a piece of exposition writing to try and convince your teacher to allow you to do something in class e.g. Always write with a pen or change seats every day, etc
  • Remember to include
  • An introduction
  • Arguments
  • Conclusion


  • Write about a famous Scottish person. Include at least 6 facts and opinions to tell us about them.



  • Create a French game demonstrating numbers to 100.
  • Investigate a Scottish Architect/ artist and create something based on their style.
  • Produce a 3D map of Scotland showing some physical features and locations of major cities.


A busy few weeks in Primary One

We’ve had a busy start to the term in Primary One. The children have all been very welcoming and helpful to the new teachers.

In phonics we’ve started our double sounds and have learned ai, oa and ie. The children have enjoyed making trains and boats and last week were very creative designing ties and coming up with ideas for some interesting (if not entirely appetising) pies.

In writing there have been lots of impressive black pen pictures and retelling of stories such as The Tobermory Cat, The Teeger that cam for his tea (Scots) and Nessie.

In numeracy we’re continuing with addition and the children have enjoyed using numicon and getting to grips with the Cuisenaire rods to show the different ways to make numbers to 10.  We’ve also started looking at money and are setting up a mini fruit and veg shop in the class.

We have all enjoyed the Scots topic, particularly the songs and poems and all the new words we’ve been learning.  We have also been learning about bagpipes, and created and labelled our own bagpipes. We were also lucky to have Mr Johnson come in to play for the two classes – although we were all surprised at how loud it was!

We’ve got an exciting few weeks ahead, we’ll be finishing our Scots topic this coming week and then moving on to ‘Super Science’.  We’ll keep the blog updated so please visit again soon.

Scottish singing and poetry winners

We have had a busy few weeks learning our Scottish poems and practising our Scottish songs. Everybody in the class worked so well and with so much enthusiasm and it was great to see the teamwork when people worked together to help each other.

Well done to everybody  who entered the competitions and to those who recited a poem or sang to the class.  It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of others and either recite a poem or sing a song. Our winners were.

P6A Poetry winner was William and runner up was Elise.

P6B Poetry winner was Charlie and runner up was Rana.

P6A Singing winner was  Rose and runner up was Erin.

P6B Singing winner was Tara and runner up was Summer.

Well done to everyone 😁😁

lego driverless cars

We had a great time programming our LEGO driverless cars on Monday.  We had to write code to get the cars to drive across the room, turn round and drive back as quickly as possible. We had to really concentrate and we were using lots of maths and science skills.

light – source or reflector

We carried out some experiments to see which things were sources of light and which were reflectors.  We had to build very dark dens to allow us to carry out our tests so no sunlight was involved.  We discovered that a torch is a source of light but a mirror or a shiny material is a reflector.