Well Done P3

WOW P3!!!    Mrs. Dundas, Miss MacKay and I are amazed at the ideas you have had for learning together with your family at home. You have been so inventive.  You are sharing your learning in such interesting ways. It’s lovely to see brothers and sisters learning together and helping each other.

We are looking forward to seeing what you think of next.

If you haven’t yet shared your learning with us we’d love to hear from you. Lots of love from Mrs Thomson and Mrs Dundas.

Well Done P7!!

Well done everyone. You’ve made it to the end of the first week. Mrs Brown and I have loved seeing all that you have been up to, reading and looking at the learning you have shared on the learning page and all your email messages.

We miss you all very much but we are so proud of all your enthusiasm. It’s the weekend now, so no school work. Focus on having fun with your family and getting outside when you can safely.

See you on Monday!!


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Hello Primary 1,

I hope you’re all safe and well. I am so impressed with the learning you are doing at home! It’s great to see you being so creative.

I’ve been busy planning what we’ll do next and looking at some of my picturebooks. These are my favourites today. I would love to see what you’re reading at home.

Please keep sharing on the Share My Learning page and remember you can send me an email to share your stories or if you just want to say hello.

Take care,

Mrs McGilp

Well done P5

Primary 5 you have blown us away this week! Mrs Rand and I have loved seeing everything you’ve posted on the Share Space or the Kingsland Challenge page. Thank you too to everyone who has emailed to say hi, ask a question or send some work. We are missing you all but it’s lovely to keep in contact with you. It has been great to see all your Viking stuff – I feel we got our sharing time after all.

Now, it’s Friday and the weekend starts here. No homework please – try to do something nice with your family.  Read books, play games, build dens, do some cooking together and get some fresh air when you can. We’ll be in touch soon.


Week ending 27/3/20

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith

Hello P6, we have made it through week one and are still smiling.  Thank you for posting all your home learning tasks and Block 3 Homework Activities on our ‘share your learning’ page .  We have been blown away by how hard you have all worked and how creative you are all being.

We look forward to reading all your future posts and learning about what things you do with your family.  Remember you can email us, post a comment on our P6 Blog, take part in the Kingsland Challenge and post your work to the ‘sharing your learning’ page

We are looking forward to the weekend.  Can any of you recommend any good films to watch?

Home learning

We have almost completed our first week of home learning and I am loving trying out the activities and seeing what you are getting up to. Feel free to email any questions and keep adding to the share your learning page.

Thursday 26th March

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all well and keeping busy. We are really enjoying looking at all the work you are sharing with us on the blog. Remember to share your work and feel free to comment positively on others. Remember to add your name so we know who the work belongs to and who is commenting.

You can also e-mail us directly. Our e-mail address are on the school website.

We hope you have a nice day.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Maxfield