Potato Challange

We have been given potatoes but will not be in school over the summer to look after them properly so we have created a class challenge.

Everyone has been given a potato to take home and plant. It can be planted in the main garden or even in a pot or bag.

1) Plant the potato about 5 inches under the soil and cover.

2) Water your potato regularly.

3) When the first leaves appear cover them with more soil. (This encourages more potatoes to grow.)

4) When you notice leaves appearing again cover them again with more soil. This will create a mound. Do this two or three times.

5) Continue to water during dry spells.

6) When the leaves start to die back the potatoes are ready to dig up. This should be around September time but it could be earlier.


**Take photos of the process as well as some photos of what you  make with your potatoes.**

**You have the variety – Red Duke of York/Sarpo Una/Casablanca**


Happy Potato Growing.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Smith

Grow Your Own Potatoes

Grow Your Own Potatoes is a project which aims to teach children about the process of growing and harvesting potatoes, as well as their health benefits. We have been sent a huge box of potatoes for everyone in the school to have a go!

As it is approaching the school holidays, we thought it would be best to send the potatoes home to allow the children to plant these at home. We will give out the potatoes to the children on Thursday.

We have received the potatoes later than usual so the chitting process does not need to be done. Everyone should start the process at the Planting stage. The instructions can be found below:


We would love to see and hear about how you are getting on with your crop so please do e-mail your teacher photos, videos and successful recipes!

ow/ou spelling

cloud cloudy raincloud cloudiest thundercloud
bounce bounces bouncy bounced bouncing
surround surrounds surrounding surrounded surroundings
brow brows brown eyebrows monobrow
prowl prowls prowler prowled prowling
found founded founders unfounded foundation

Highlights of the week

The highlight for us this week was our Big Drum Adventure performance. We have worked really hard over the past eight weeks and come on a journey as a drum band, Out of this World. We were rewarded with a very enthusiastic audience of p4-7 yesterday, and it was very exciting to play our rhythms and sing our song. We will miss our weekly sessions, and want to thank Mat the Hat for being such an inspiring teacher.

Here are two poems written about Mat the Hat.

By Lily

Did you know that the national flower of Ukraine is a sunflower?

Mrs Hill, a retired science teacher and STEM ambassador was back at Kingsland to give us more lights. The idea was that we create a sunflower and light it up with our yellow light, as a way of thinking about the Ukrainian people and sending them our best wishes.

Here are some of our pictures.

We used chalk pastels to blend the colours.

We also planted sunflower seeds and decorated the pots. We will keep you updated on their growth!

Our writing this week was an information report about doctors. We planned and wrote what they do, where they work and equipment they use.

In maths we used written methods when calculating money, and we measured capacity in cm cubed. Here are our shapes that we built and measured the volume of.

Our spelling pattern was ou and ow.

P6 Weekly Review 21/3/22

This week has been great. We have really enjoyed the great weather at breaks and lunchtimes.

We have continued to learn about fractions and are now all able to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and back again.

We have been continuing to look at natural disasters and this week we had to research our own choice. We will use what we learn to write our final explanation piece of writing next week.

We completed our final live lesson on coding where we learned to create a “whack-a-mole” game using scratch. We really enjoyed this and have since altered this game as we learn more about coding.

We have worked hard on our paper mache volcanoes. (Some progress pictures are below.) We are looking forward to finishing these next week. Some of our art work this term will be displayed in the corridor. This is a work in progress just now but we can’t wait to see the finished display.

P7B Highlights 25.3.22

Primary 7B have enjoyed the sunshine this week and we have taken every opportunity to be outside!

Everyone has worked very hard to complete end of topic Writing and Maths assessments. We have also had iPad assessments to complete too! All of the children tried their best and sat quietly to allow others to concentrate. Thank you for your efforts and patience!

Here our some of the children’s highlights:

Wellbeing Wednesday 


Each Wednesday we have a short session where we can socialise with our friends, play board and card games, finish off and get help with challenging work concepts, practise skills or check-in with the teacher about particular worries or concerns. All of the children have utilised this time well and we will be engaging in a range of wellbeing activities after the Easter break.

s spelling

class classes classroom classic classmate
pressure pressured pressuring pressurize pressurizing
assess assessed assessing assessment assessments
rehearse rehearses rehearsal rehearsed rehearsing
practise practises practised practising unpractised
decide decides decided deciding undecided
pencil pencils penciller pencilled pencilmaker
cancel cancels cancelling cancelled cancelation
parcel parcels parcelled parcelling parcelling
scissors scissors scissors scissoring scissoring

Drumming recordings

P5 have formed class bands and here are exclusive recordings on Soundcloud! Mat the Hat has been leading drumming workshops for the past 7 weeks, and P5a and P5b are looking forward to performing for some classes on Thursday.

P5a are named ‘Out of this World’ and P5b are named ‘Blazing Bangers’. Inspired names, chosen by the classes.

Enjoy listening to these performances!


PHS Visit

Primary 7 had a fantastic time on our half day visit to the High School this morning.
Some of the highlights included:

  • Seeing the Craft and Design classes
  • Going into the canteen
  • Meeting children from other schools
  • Getting to meet some of our new teachers and guidance teachers

A big thank you to our parent helpers, the brilliant S3s who showed us around and the teachers who welcomed us into their classrooms.

We are all very excited for our two day visit in mid-June!