Highlights of the week

The highlight for us this week was our Big Drum Adventure performance. We have worked really hard over the past eight weeks and come on a journey as a drum band, Out of this World. We were rewarded with a very enthusiastic audience of p4-7 yesterday, and it was very exciting to play our rhythms and sing our song. We will miss our weekly sessions, and want to thank Mat the Hat for being such an inspiring teacher.

Here are two poems written about Mat the Hat.

By Lily

Did you know that the national flower of Ukraine is a sunflower?

Mrs Hill, a retired science teacher and STEM ambassador was back at Kingsland to give us more lights. The idea was that we create a sunflower and light it up with our yellow light, as a way of thinking about the Ukrainian people and sending them our best wishes.

Here are some of our pictures.

We used chalk pastels to blend the colours.

We also planted sunflower seeds and decorated the pots. We will keep you updated on their growth!

Our writing this week was an information report about doctors. We planned and wrote what they do, where they work and equipment they use.

In maths we used written methods when calculating money, and we measured capacity in cm cubed. Here are our shapes that we built and measured the volume of.

Our spelling pattern was ou and ow.

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