Hello everyone.

It has been great to hear from you all and to see what you have been up to.

There will be new learning for you all under the Home learning tab on Monday. It would be great to see you on Teams but don’t forget that you can e mail us or comment on our blog.

Have a great weekend in this beautiful sunshine and we look forward to hearing from you next week.


Hello everyone! We hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to get outside. We are really missing seeing you all in the classroom. However, we are thrilled at how creative and hard working you are being with all your home learning.

Please keep in touch with us; you can drop us an email or leave a message on the blog or in teams just to say hello.

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith


Happy birthday Elmer

Hello everyone and thank you for sharing your Elmer pictures and stories with us. It’s great that many of you found the painted Elmer tiles around the park and school.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without cake so why not try to make an icing Elmer you can eat?

1. Draw round Elmer and cut it out.

2. Roll out fondant icing and ask a grown up to cut your Elmer shape out using the paper template.

3. Cut out coloured icing squares for the patchwork.

4. Put the squares in a patchwork pattern on the Elmer icing shape on top of a cake. A grown up can use a sharp knife to trim the edges.

The Elmer hunt is now at school!

Good morning!

Well done to everybody who has been on the Elmer hunt so far. If you’re still to do it, the slates have now been relocated to the school grounds after a couple went missing from the park. Can  you guess where they are now?

Please remember not to touch them and to leave them for your friends to see.

Take care,

Mrs McGilp and Mrs Lloyd

Keep up the good work P5

We are so pleased with how well you are adapting to this different way of working Primary 5.  Thank you to everyone who has emailed us, shared what they’ve been up to or joined us on Teams – we love hearing from you.  You are all doing a fabulous job and we are very proud of you.  New home learning for this week and next is available on the Home Learning page above.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or problems or just want to say hello.


Hello everyone! We hope you had a lovely weekend. There is new learning for you to view. We look forward to you sharing your learning on the P7 teams page or through e-mail.

Remember, you can e-mail or leave a message in teams just to say hello. I am sure we are all missing class and it is important for us to stay connected!

Mrs Brown and Mrs Maxfield

Go on an Elmer Hunt!

Saturday 23rd May is Elmer’s birthday! So our next block of home learning is Elmer inspired.

One of the activities is to go on an Elmer Hunt. There are six of these Elmer slates hidden around the school and Hay Lodge Park.

How many can you find? Here are some clues to help you!

Please comment on this post to let us know how many you can find!

Please remember social distancing guidance and also please don’t touch or move the slates.

Stay safe,

Mrs McGilp and Mrs Lloyd


Hello everyone.

Thank you for posting on our Primary 6 Teams pages and for sending us emails. We all miss the classroom and seeing you all but we have enjoyed keeping in touch and seeing what you have all been up to.

On Monday a new block of Home learning will be posted. You can contribute to our Teams pages, send us an email or comment on our Blog. We love to hear from you all.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

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Good morning everyone. We hope you have had a lovely weekend.
Thank you very much for getting in touch by email to tell us how you are getting on and showing us photographs. Remember you can email just to say ‘hello’, as we have talked about how important it is to stay connected.
Mrs McGilp  gw18mcgilpemma@glow.sch.uk
Mrs Lloyd      gw19lloydrachel@glow.sch.uk
Another reason you can email us is if you want to get log in details for the websites Education City or Sumdog. They are free to access and you might find them useful for general practice.
We hope you are staying safe with your families and enjoying Spring walks outdoors.
Mrs McGilp and Mrs Lloyd