Happy Halloween from P7A

Friday 29th October was a day of fun Halloween themed activities in P7A complete with:

  • Costumes
  • Halloween themed Pixel Art Maths activity
  • Pumpkin/Witch/Frankenstein Art task
  • Covid friendly ‘dooking’ for apples
  • Trick or Treat Treasure map game
  • Halloween Trivia Kahoot
  • And let’s not forget the Treats!
    The upper stages teachers got into the spirit and dressed up as characters from the Teletubbies! They certainly brightened up a dreary, wet day!

Happy Halloween

What a fast week it has been.
P2 have been very busy

We have started exploring our new Pm reading programme exploring a non fiction book and  what a contents page is.

In writing we have started to explore the text type recount. We recounted an activity we all do, the process of brushing our teeth.


Numeracy and Maths

This week we began exploring the 2 times table, we investigated our knowledge of doubles and counting in two’s to support our understanding. We found  some very catchy songs to help 🎶

In maths  volume was a great hit, filling different containers with water beads. We discussed full, half full and empty alongside how the quantity of ‘cups’ represented the volume of the container.

This term we are exploring day and night. We started discussing what we know about day and night, alongside the differences we see and experience from day and night. Next week we shall begin investigating the process of how day and night happens.


The class had great fun today for Halloween, playing literacy and numeracy game with a Halloween theme, dancing, selfies and crafts. There were amazing costumes today and lots of excitement. I hope you all have an amazing Halloween weekend. Stay safe and have fun.




Smashing pumpkins!

We were amazed by all the fantastic pumpkins we saw on display in the school this week! Well done everyone !

We had lots of fun at our Hallowe’en party. We played some games, heard a story about ,”Pumpkin soup” by Helen Cooper and we made a little lantern and designed our own mask.

Thank you to Mrs Ward, Mrs Hope and Mrs Istephan for giving us our yummy Hallowe’en snacks. These went down a treat!

Another huge thank you to the P7 Prefects who looked after us at playtime and lunchtime during our indoor breaks. You worked hard to keep us entertained and active!

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! 🎃

Happy Halloween!

P6/7 had a super spooky day today.

We had dancing, dooking for apples, Kahoot! quizzes, super sour sweets, party games and food!

Mrs Smith was very impressed by all the efforts of the children in class.

Who can you spot in the photo below?

Happy Halloween

We had a spooky themed activity morning today! We did quizzes, puzzles, colouring, apple dooking and watched ‘Room on the Broom’. We took home our collage monsters and painted pumpkin pictures. The costumes were fabulous!

Other learning this week includes HWB; thinking about the qualities of a friend, grammar; identifying past tense and past continuous tense verbs and maths; compass points and turns.
We are learning the features of recount writing and looked at time and sequence words. Our task was to work in a group and sort words into the type of time and sequence group they were from. We did really well and learned some new words such as ‘initially’ and ‘subsequently’.

We are reading the novel ‘Catscape’ by Mike Nicholson and we made a ‘Missing Cat’ poster.

Our topic is out of this world – the Solar System – and we learned what the different planets are made from.

Primary 7B Roundup

We have had an interesting and varied week in Primary 7!

In writing we have been continuing to engage with a range of different Information Reports. We were inspired by our Rainforest topic and had a go at writing our own on the layers of the rainforest. We used our interactive pictures to help us. We also had a focus on editing and typing our final draft afterwards.

We have also focused on writing summaries and had to summarise a Halloween story. By writing on a post-it note, we had to focus on the key parts of the story as we didn’t have much space.

We have been learning about factors and multiples in maths and have been concentrating on improving our knowledge of times tables.

In Health and Wellbeing, we have been talking about about being responsible and staying safe online. We started off by thinking about what our own ‘Digital Footprint’ would look like. We started off by drawing around our feet and then filling it with apps, websites and TV channels that we access. We will continue our learning by exploring what online friendships might look like, online privacy and will discuss sharing images. More resources can be found on the following website: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/11_13/

Back in August, we entered a poster competition for COP26 run by the Peebles Rotary Club. We were very proud to learn that Zack’s poster design was selected as a winner from across the Peebles schools. Well done!

long a spelling

maze mazes amaze amazing amazed amazement
cape capes capable escape escaped uncapable
rate rates rated rating narrator overrated
space spaces spacebar spacesuit spacious spaceman
behave behaves behaving behaved behaviour misbehaving
game games gamer gaming videogame gamekeeper
flame flames flamed flaming inflamed flamethrower
slate slates slater slated translate translation

Review of the week

It was EU code week and we took part in an app design afternoon online with lots of other classes. It was a great creative challenge and we enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other.

Here are some our app design ideas.

  • Saving endangered animals
  • learning how to do different sports
  • learning to read
  • help with reading, writing and drawing
  • donating items to those who need them
  • learning how to horse ride

We are creating an Autumn display so we went on a leaf identification walk. We used a chart to spot which trees the leaves were from.

Here are our long a sound spelling words.

In numeracy we are using number bonds to practise mental strategies for subtraction. We are also learning the language of subtraction such as

  • minus
  • less than
  • difference between
  • find the difference
  • reduce
  • how many more
  • take away

In maths we are learning about different types of angles, such as right, acute and obtuse.

Our writing this block is recount writing, a personal account of an event or experience, with a personal comment. We were very observant in spotting that it includes past tense verbs.

We drew and painted pumpkins, mixing a variety of shades of orange.

PE is gymnastics and we are very excited about using the gym apparatus!