Review of the Week – Week Beginning 22.10.18

Alex – I’m really proud because last year I didn’t like school and had one day off a week and I’m proud because I have only been off because I’ve been ill or at the doctors and this week I have had two full weeks without being off.

Calum K – I enjoyed making the skulls for the Day of the Dead

Ruby – I liked doing gymnastics and doing routines with our groups.

Maisie – I learnt how to figure out percentages on a calculator because before I was confused about this.

Isaac – I enjoyed doing the Show Don’t Tell when we sat outside to plan our setting.

Layla – At the start of the week I was so confused on the percentages work but now that we have seen how to do it I am starting to get it.

Lucy – I’m proud because I managed to do a forward roll on the bar in gymnastics.

Mairi – I learnt how to calculate percentages with and without a calculator.

Zahara – I became more confident when doing FDP especially percentages without a calculator using different methods.

Struan – I learn how to do the percentages without a calculator.

Chloe – I really enjoyed the setting description this week.

Samuel – I really liked doing the Christmas cards this week.

Egyptian Afternoon

P3a enjoyed an Egyptian afternoon at the end of block 1. We did 4 different activities – painted our canopic jars, glued shiny paper onto our Pharoah masks, tasted pomegranates, figs & dates and made Lego pyramids. It was great fun and a lovely way to finish our amazing Egyptians topic!


Autumn fun

We have been having lots of fun learning about Autumn since we have came back from the October holidays!

We have got an Autumn investigation tree in ELC and children have been bringing in things from out in the community to put in it! There is lots of different coloured leaves in the tray too.

We have had some stories at the end of the day about Autumn and the weather too.  We listed to a story about Alfie and Annie, and we watched the story of the enormous  turnip on the smart board too.


At gym, we had the parachute out and we put leaves in the middle. When shook the parachute all together the leaves wen flying up in the air! We also enjoyed some autumn songs, movement and ,music.


Yesterday we had our first “Monday Muddy”. Everyone came in their warm clothes and we spent all our session outdoors exploring the school grounds, having snack outside, using the parachute in the mugga and playing in the leaves! It was great fun! 🙂


Some of the children made a yummy snack of flapjack with Mrs Ramage, it was delicious!



Sponsored Walk

We had a lovely Sponsored Walk across Fotheringham Bridge, up past Harbro and into the woods. We worked in small teams to collect items for our egg boxes. It was great fun and gave us lots of exercise!


We have all been learning about resilience and talking about ways we can ‘keep going’ when things get tricky. We had fund making resilience capes – we stuck pieces of paper to our backs then our friends wrote ideas of what we could do if things got hard for us. It was great fun!

Show Don’t Tell Homework

‘Show Don’t Tell’ is a technique used by writers in various kinds of texts so the reader can understand the story through action, words, thoughts, senses, and feelings rather than through obvious statements. The goal is to allow readers to interpret significant details in the text by making connections to wider knowledge and other texts.

Choose one of these photos and write a ‘Show Don’t Tell’ description in the comments. You will receive feedback next week from your peers in your peer feedback group.

Due: Monday 29th October