Digital Leaders!

We have three new Digital Leaders in P4. They had to fill out an application form, and get interviewed for the position by Mrs Ward. It is a big responsibility that Aimee, Daniel and Rachael are excited to try their best at! Well done and work hard 🙂

Cocoa Black Visits Primary 5

Mrs Hinks and her brilliant colleagues came into Primary 5 armed with chocolate planets and lots of toppings for the us to create our own chocolate planet.

I liked when we were tidying up because you got to lick the brush and bowl.  Rowena

I really enjoyed it because it was a creative way to learn about your topic and a fun way.  Gabrielle

I like the chocolate planet making because it was really funny at the end when we got to do the chocolate dip and lick the brushes.  I also liked making it.  Joe

I enjoyed making the chocolate planets because it was fun to make them and we got to lick the brushes at the end.  Jessica, Evie Mae, Rebecca, Adam, Alec, PJ, Joshua and Dean.

I enjoyed making the chocolate planets because when we finished all the decorating we got to take them home and eat them..Yum   Anna G

I enjoyed it because we got to have lots of fun with the creativity and Alec and Kate made their planets really big.  Simon

I enjoyed it because you had a variety of chocolates to select from to stick on it and it could be any design.  Owen


The Black Hole Homework w/b 27.11.17

Think about the story mountain that we have been using in class to help with structuring a story.
Watch ‘The Black Hole’ by clicking on this link and scrolling down to find ‘The Black Hole’. Please don’t watch the other videos in case we use them in the future.

Think about the following questions:
• What is normality?
• How does the story build up?
• Is there a turning point in the story?
• What is the climax or problem in this story?

Use your thoughts to write an ending to the story and post it in the comments for Friday 1st December.

Story Structure Homework w/b 20.11.17


We have been using story mountains to help us structure story writing.

Watch this short film clip by clicking here – you may need to SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE to find it, it’s called ‘The Rocketeer’.

Now answer the following questions:

1. Are you ‘hooked in’ at the start? Why? Why not?
2. What problem does the main character have?
3. How is the problem resolved?
4. What clues do you get about the main character’s personality?

Reply to this post with your answers by Friday 24th November please.

Edinburgh Museum

Primary 5 went on a trip into Edinburgh to go to the National Museum of Scotland.

We went to the animal section and I liked the cycling as I tried to beat a cheetah.  Owen.

I liked the electricity section because there was a plasma ball and you could place your wet hands onto the ball, the electricity travelled through your body and you could zap people with your other hand.  Kate

I liked the hamster wheel because it was super fun and even better with two people because if one person fell over you then fell over.  Rowena

I liked the science explore section as I liked to make the hot air balloons reach the ceiling.  I was a little frightened just in case the other things hanging from the ceiling fell down.  Anna G

I liked playing the reaction board.  My best score was 39 and when I joined others our best score was 69.  Louis

I liked the Earth and Space section where there were lots of sparkling rocks.  Evie Mae

Museum trip

We went to the museum in Edinburgh to find out about the Earth and space.
I liked the electric ball but I got a shock when I touched Will. Gabe
I liked running in the hamster wheel. Hamish
I liked singing on the bus. Lucy
I liked the computer that predicted what your baby would look like. Leah
I liked the robot that could find the cubes to write my name. Will
I liked the Big Bang video in the space section. Kirsty
I liked sorting the shapes and posting them into the correct slots in the game. Sam
I liked seeing which animal I weighed the same as – I was a koala! Jacques
I liked the machine where I could make different waves. Kelvin
My favourite thing was when you pushed the button and the hot air balloon would take off. Immy

Magnificent Maths in P6A

In maths this week we have been continuing to learn to subtract. We have now learnt two different methods of solving subtraction. One method helps us to solve it using our brain and the other method helps us to solve it in writing. We enjoy learning maths through games and practising our mental agility with our beat that’s. We are looking forward to being challenged with subtracting more complex numbers.