On Tuesday P7 made Sushi. They watched a tutorial and took notes. After they made the sushi they got to try it. They could  choose from fish, cucumber, pepper and avocado. They cut it in to smaller bits to eat it. Lots of people liked it but others didn’t. Then they  all wrote a recipe on how to make sushi using their notes. They wrote down the method,the ingredients and equipment. One of the challenging things was when you were rolling up the sushi in tinfoil because it would come out and spill everywhere. Some people thought it tasted a lot better when you added soy sauce but others thought it was disgusting.They enjoyed making it and here is what some people thought of it.


Lucy and Skye said they  liked it.

Immy said she loved it.

Anna said she liked it but would prefer it without sea weed.


Maths Game Practice

We have been practising our mental addition skills in class. Practise makes perfect so try these websites at home!

Sports hall athletics

Some of the P6 and P7 pupils went to Galashiels for the Scottish Borders Sports Hall Athletics finals. The first event was the obstacle course which they won. They came second overall at the event and will now go to the East of Scotland final in Edinburgh. Well done!

What are we thankful for?

This block we have been learning about diversity, looking at other peoples view and beliefs and learning about our rights. We have been hearing about some child refugees that have had to leave their homes in Syria, and the lack of basic rights that has left them with.

As it was Thanksgiving  today in America we talked about what we are thankful for and created our own Thanksgiving turkeys using our hand prints – our class came up with some really thoughtful and positive things that we are thankful for. Some examples are: our families and friends, safe homes, healthcare, clean water, healthy food, education, our health.

Christmas Fair


Primary 6B have been busy making Chocolate Truffles for the school Christmas Fair.

Chocolate Truffles Recipe


  • 10 digestive biscuits
  • 5 level tablespoons cococut
  • 5 level tablespoons drinking chocolate
  • 2 oz margarine
  • 1 small  tin of condensed milk
  • chocolate vermicelli


  1. Crush biscuits into crumbs
  2. Add coconut and chocolate powder
  3. Melt margarine and add to mixture
  4. Add tin of condensed milk
  5. Roll mixture into  small balls
  6. Roll the balls in chocolate vermicelli or coconut

Quilling in P5b

We have been demonstrating perseverance and patience while creating our crafts for the Christmas fair.  As you can see we have worked really hard to make these beautiful quilled tree decorations.