Highlights of the week in Primary 1

We asked the children what they have enjoyed most this week:

  • Going outside at break time and at lunch time.
  • Free play with our friends, including playing with the cars and building blocks.
  • We liked hearing the story of Little Red Riding Hood and making a fold-out picture to practise writing the r sound.
  • I liked reading books in the library corner and with the class.
  • I liked visiting our school library.
  • I liked learning the letter h because I like to learn. We drew a picture of Kipper and added some wool for his hair!
  • We met Biff and Chip from our reading books this week.
  • I liked playing maths games with the dice.

Food Webs

Following on from our work on Food Chains, we have been learning about Food Webs and how living organisms can be linked.  Here are some of our finished posters.  We have shown that we understand the terms Producer, Primary Consumer, Secondary Consumer and Energy Flow.

Week beginning 23rd September 2019

Oliver R enjoyed the large numbers assessment work.   (I thought you did brilliantly Oliver – Mrs Scott)

In PE, Charlie and most of the class enjoyed uni hock because you got to hit it really hard and use both sides of the stick.

Nearly half of the class enjoyed Art this week when we started to work on flowers using magazines.  Our class upcycling.

Block 1 Homework

Holly enjoyed painting all the jars for her upcycling homework turning jars into storage pots.   Rana liked wrapping the box and paper tubes in wrapping paper creating desk tidier.  Great work girls.

P5A Sustainability Squad Applicants

And the winner is…

Would you like to be a member of the Sustainability Squad?  Mrs Brown is looking for people who are enthusiastic, confident, respectful and reliable.  If this is you and you also have an interest in the environment why not apply?

Your task:

Recycle/Upcycle an item you would be throwing away (a cardboard box/tube, a piece of paper/envelope etc) and write on it a couple of reasons why you would like to be on the Sustainability Squad and/or why you would be good at it.  Hand it to Mrs Little anonymously by Friday 4th October.

Happy Recycling!