2D Shapes

Today we went on a shape walk to see what shapes there were in the playground. We found shapes everywhere! We were able to tell our teacher what the shapes were called and what was special about them.

Back in class we sorted toys into squares, triangles and circles.

Analysing short films in P6A

Over the past few weeks, P6A  have been learning to analyse short films. We have watched Road’s End, Home sweet home, The present and Rock paper scissors from the literacy shed. We have learnt to analyse how the characters create the theme of the film, how the setting creates the mood of the film and how we need to back up our answers with evidence from the text. We have all really enjoyed using the short films to help us get better at analysing.

Weekly roundup P6b

Here are some photos of some of the learning that has been going on in P6b over the last couple of weeks. We have been making the most of the good weather and getting outside to do maths when we can.

We have also been revising plurals in spelling. Have a look of these creative games that have been invented to help practise the words!

We have also been working on personal writing, dissolving and reading this block’s novel study on Kensuke’s Kingdom.

The BFG…and other characters!

We have been really enjoying getting to know the characters in our class novel, the BFG.  From the BFG and Sophie to horrible  giants the Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater giants Roald Dahl is fantastic at using descriptive language like adjectives or his own made up  ‘gobblefunk’ words to paint a picture of them in our heads.

We all have our own favourite literary characters from stories we have read – Mrs Wallace loves Mathilda from Roald Dahl’s book Mathilda as she is brave, clever and faces lots of horrible things to get to her happy ending at the end!

Comment below with your favourite character – who they are and why you love them!

Audubon inspired Penguins by P3A

We looked at John Audubon’s wildlife paintings and tried to draw a penguin in his style.  We were inspired by his paintings.

We noticed that Emperor Penguins have a yellow bit on the neck.   They are majestic.  They have black on their faces. They have a curved beak.

Check this space for our finished drawings later in the month!


We are thinking a lot about friendships, and what makes a good friend. Leave a comment below telling us about what you think the most important qualities of a good friend are!