Magnificent Memories of P4/3

We built a huge pyramid with Mr. Herd – Lucien

We made marvellous magnet games – Adam

Sports day was lots of fun – Ruaridh

Playing in our amazing pyramid – Aimee

Watching the Egyptian dvd – Andrew

We made a rope swing at Forest Schools – Freya

We made a bow and arrows at Forest Schools and they worked! – Cody

At Rookie Rockstars we sang cool songs about our school values. – Rachael

I really liked swimming. It’s one of my favourite sports – Dawa

We made lots of lovely Scottish food – Lewis

I enjoyed Circletime – Sam

One day my plants started to grow after I had waited so patiently. – Joseph

I loved the Egyptians topic. – Tara

I got a headteacher’s award. – Alfie

Everyone laughing at George’s Marvellous Medicine – Holly

Creating my colourful fish in Art – Innes

At Forest Schools we went down a mud slide. – Kayla

Learning about Alexander Fleming and Edward Jenner. – Jay

Learning about Roald Dahl and the Puffin Live event. – Rana

Writing about my dream holiday. – Callum

We drew people swimming in a swimming pool. – Emily

It was the first time ever we had started making a non-linear PowerPoint.

Making a PowerPoint about Bolivia. – Benny

Sponsor a shelf!

A big thank you to Dave for coming in to talk to us about the library that is being built in Malawi.  The main building is almost finished and we have donated £50 from our café to put a shelf in the library.  Dave has promised to come back and show us some photos in October once everything is complete.

what we are looking forward to p7

Dylan-I am looking forward to dalguise with my friends and the big swing and i’ll have a lot of fun with every one and hopefully no frogs go into peoples shoes and I’ve enjoyed in p6 is that we have done a lot of art that I enjoyed.

Nicole-I am looking forward to being in p7 because I am up for some more challenges in maths and some other subjects. I also am looking forward having Mrs Belleville.

P6 reflection

Tim: P6 was very enjoyable especially having had 4 amazing teachers. My favourite thing in P6 was the rainforest topic.

i’m looking forward to P7 because of the WW2 topic and dalglise.

Josh: p6 was amazing we learned about the rain forest Democracy and a load of other stuff

in p7 im looking forward to learning about WW2

best p6 moments

Stella =

I have enjoyed our rainforest topic because it has been  really fun and I learned load.


I have enjoyed doing collages in art and cricket tournament .


I am looking forward for dalguise and our new teachers.

Chloe =

IM looking forward to Dulguise to go with all my friends and explore different adventures and experiences

Looking back Looking forward

In p6 we have enjoyed

Ewan- We have learnt several topics in P6 but I have enjoyed democracy the most because it is now easy to find out the differences between a dictatorship and a democracy and we had some politicians in.

Ruby-Perfect duties!P1 and 2 playground prefect duties  because it gets us ready for duties in primary 7.


What we are looking forward to in P7?

Ewan-I am looking forward to Dalguise because now that it is finally time I can get away from school and I am excited for the challenges that we will be doing.

Ruby-I am looking forward to our new teacher, because I am looking forward to the new challenges she will set us.

by Ruby and Ewan

Our things that we learnt and are looking forward to in p7:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We enjoyed learning about the Scottish wars of independence because it was interesting to learn about the history behind all the things that we had to do to become  independent.

I am excited about p7 cause of getting a new  teacher and the new work because more challenge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Lee

I am looking  forward to dalgusie  because of all the activities and the work in p7 because of the challenges . By Robbie

P7 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are looking forward to P7 and also going to Dulguise. Our favourite things about p6 is

Aimee : My favourite thing about P6 was learning about Scottish Wars of Independence because there was a lot to learn about like William Wallace’s death!!!!

Poppy: My favourite thing about p6 was learning about the Rainforest and how animals and tribes survive I also enjoyed learning about the Scottish wars of independence.

By  Aimee and Poppy!

what I enjoyed about primary 6…

Arran said: I really enjoyed my teachers because they taught us in a fun exciting way.

Joe said: I really enjoyed The Scottish Wars Of Independence because it was exciting and GORY.

Arran said: I am looking forward to Dalguise and having a balcony.

Joe said: I am also looking forward to Dalguise and I am looking forward too the high school visits.