Magnificent Memories of P4/3

We built a huge pyramid with Mr. Herd – Lucien

We made marvellous magnet games – Adam

Sports day was lots of fun – Ruaridh

Playing in our amazing pyramid – Aimee

Watching the Egyptian dvd – Andrew

We made a rope swing at Forest Schools – Freya

We made a bow and arrows at Forest Schools and they worked! – Cody

At Rookie Rockstars we sang cool songs about our school values. – Rachael

I really liked swimming. It’s one of my favourite sports – Dawa

We made lots of lovely Scottish food – Lewis

I enjoyed Circletime – Sam

One day my plants started to grow after I had waited so patiently. – Joseph

I loved the Egyptians topic. – Tara

I got a headteacher’s award. – Alfie

Everyone laughing at George’s Marvellous Medicine – Holly

Creating my colourful fish in Art – Innes

At Forest Schools we went down a mud slide. – Kayla

Learning about Alexander Fleming and Edward Jenner. – Jay

Learning about Roald Dahl and the Puffin Live event. – Rana

Writing about my dream holiday. – Callum

We drew people swimming in a swimming pool. – Emily

It was the first time ever we had started making a non-linear PowerPoint.

Making a PowerPoint about Bolivia. – Benny

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