SSAA primary road relay

On Saturday 28 October 17 P6 and 7 pupils went to a running race at Grangemouth stadium. All the teams did amazing:
The primary 6 boys A team, came 4th, just beaten by St Kenneth’s (4 seconds) and we came out with a time of 15.36
The primary 6 boys B team, came 17th with a time of 16.54
The primary 6 girls A team, came 3rd just beating Langholm, and our time was 17.19
The primary 6 girls B team, came 13th with a time of 18.30
We all had great fun and were very tired after running the 1500 metre race and we all showed great determination as we speedily ran around the course!

By Kieran Fulton and Izzy Molyneux

Scottish schools Running competition results

On Saturday the 28th of October we went to the SSAA primary road relay at Grangemouth Stadium . The p7s and the p6s went and both ran amazingly well . The competition had both boys and girls races. We had been training every Thursday with the school running club with Mrs Fletcher , Mrs Hope and Ms Ridley . There was six P7 boys, three P7 girls ,six P6 boys and six P6 girls running and representing the school. The p7 girls came 12th out of 33 schools in a time of 17.32 . The P7 boys came 10th and had a time of 15.32 and the other P7 boys team came 20th with a time of 16.49. We had a very good time at Grangemouth and really enjoyed the experience.

by Hala and Innes


What we know already:

Wind turbines, sun makes satellite dishes charge which makes electricity, need wires to make electricity work, magnet and cable makes electricity, electricity cables conduct electricity – don’t carry it, circuit pieces have special codes,

Charge your phone, batteries, chargers

TV, ipad, lights, computer, Xbox, Wii, machines, light bulb, electric cars, smartboard, plays station, switch to turn on things, phone

Open blinds for light instead of wasting electricity


Exploring and using Loose parts!

We have been exploring lots of different types of loose parts in our play both indoors and out! From tyres, pipes, leaves, sticks and stones we have lots of things to experiment with!
We build with these things, make things such as a “campfire” and use them to make patterns too!

More ELC fun

Here are some pictures of the end of last term, we really enjoyed exploring Nursery rhymes!
ELC 4 children have also been going up into the school on Thursdays to use the computers in the library – we have to go a lot of stairs!

This term we have been looking at Autumn and the changes in the leaves….

Block 2 already!

We have had a lovely week back in class. Primary 4 have been talking about what we are going to be learning this block. Comment below with what YOU would like to achieve/learn this block 🙂

Wonderful Week back in P6A!

Our first week back has flown by. We have started our chain of success where we are working as a team to form a chain. We can earn a link for this chain by having a tidy learning environment, good working noise levels, making a huge effort in class and respecting others etc. We started our subtraction work in maths, learning the strategy to subtract mentally. In writing, we have been learning to write complex sentences with a variety of connectives and sentence openers. We are working on making our writing more interesting. In reading we have been connecting with our texts and talking about real life experiences. We have all really enjoyed our first week and are looking forward to week 2.

Toy Inventors

To finish off our Toy topic we made toys out of junk. We had to do a lot of problem solving to work out how to make a toy from the junk that we had, then we had to use our cutting skills to make the shapes that we needed.

After we had finished making our toys we had to tell our class what we had made and how it moved.