Autumn Leaves

In P1 we have been talking about the changes that are beginning  to happen around us. Changes  in the weather and to the trees that are signs of autumn. We painted these autumn trees by applying a wash for the background with watery paint, then we used our brush to paint the trunk and branches of the trees. Finally we painted the leaves using our fingers.


It’s Maths Week Scotland!

This week is Maths Week Scotland. P7B tried out the Edinburgh University School of Maths challenge this morning. We learnt about Richard, a video game programmer, who uses maths in his job every day. He set us a challenge to work out how many security cameras would be needed in rooms of different shapes. You can try the task by clicking on this link Security Camera Challenge.

There are so many more activities and tasks you can try out on the Maths Week Scotland website just click here and explore.


p4b long a sound

pain pains paint pained painful painkiller
chain chains chained chaining chainsaw chainmail
train trains trainer trained trainees retrain
pay pays paying payback payday overpayment
stay stays stayed staying overstay outstayed
play plays playing played playful playhouse
eight eighteen eighty eighty-eight eighty-one eighty-three
neigh neighs neighed neighing neighbour neighbourhood