Happy Holidays

P5 you have been brilliant!  We are so proud of the way you have adapted to Home Learning and kept in touch with your teachers.  Over the last week most of you have set up your new iPads and have been busy exploring them, ready for exciting times ahead in P6 and we know you’re going to be teaching your new teachers a thing or two!

We hope you all have a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you back in school in August.  Look after yourselves and, as Mrs Wilson would say, take care of your Mums and Dads.

from Mrs Little, Mrs Rand and Mrs Stevenson

Have a lovely summer!

Thank you for all of your emails the last few months sharing all of your learning at home and it was lovely to see those of you who popped in last week for your belongings.

Stay safe this summer and I look forward to seeing you again as Primary Twos in August and meeting the new Primary Ones.

Take care and fingers crossed for some good weather,

Mrs McGilp

P.S. The tadpoles finally have legs!

Happy Holidays P6

Today marks the end of our school year and the last day that we have you all as our P6 class.

We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you and have loved watching you grow and develop, ready for the challenges and fun of Primary 7.

We hope that you all have a lovely summer holiday and that you have lots of fun (fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!)

Take care.

Lots of love

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Scott and Mrs Smith

The story of one sloth traveling holiday funny Vector Image


Happy holidays P1/2

Hello P1/2. It’s finally the end of term and I want to say a huge well done to you all for a busy year of learning. You have worked really well together and welcomed me as your new teacher in December. Thank you to you and your families for keeping in touch and sharing your home learning with me since March, I’m very proud of what you’ve achieved. I wish you all a great summer holiday and look forward to seeing primary one again as primary twos in August. Mrs Lloyd.



Good bye and Good luck!

The last day of primary school is finally here. You are a wonderful group of young people who have hugely exciting futures ahead of you. It has been a pleasure to share your final year and we could not be prouder of your achievements. We wish you the best of luck for the next challenge of high school.

Mrs Brown & Mrs Maxfield

Happy Retirement Mrs Harrison

Mrs Scott, Mrs Smith and Primary 6 would like to wish Mrs Harrison a very long and happy retirement.  A wonderful, dedicated, passionate, patient and caring teacher who has worked at Kingsland Primary School for 28 years bringing her wisdom and timeless sense of humour to school each day.  We hope your retirement is filled with lots of fun and happiness.   Happy Retirement!     Enjoy your last day!