Christmas Buddying

Our P1 buddies came to visit us this afternoon for some Christmas crafts and stories. We had planned 4 different crafts. Our group leaders showed everyone how to make them and we all enjoyed creating them together. We shared different Christmas stories including the Snowman and the Snowdog. We all liked the happy ending of the Snowman and the Snowdog. We have really enjoyed working with our buddies so far this year. We have made good friendships and are learning from each other.  We look forward to more buddying in 2019.



Creative calendars

Primary 2 would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



We have been thinking ahead to 2019 when we designed our night and day calendars. They are all so colourful and each one is different. We have enjoyed looking at each others lovely art work.

P7A Anderson Shelters

As part of our WW2 art, we designed and created our own WW2 Anderson Shelters. These were designed to look like the Anderson Shelters of the 1930s/40s and not withstand an actual blast as some of our materials are ‘just for looks’. We thought about the art techniques we could include to create the look we wanted. We would like to try and make a shelter to withstand a blast but we would need different materials.

Have a look at some of the shelters we created.

Measuring Madness

We have been practising different types of measuring in P7. We have been outside to measure trees and their circumference to calculate the age of the trees. We also did some Christmas measuring activities. We were weighing parcels and calculating the cost of posting them second class to somewhere in the UK. We were calculating the area of wrapping paper so we had enough for all our presents. We followed a special ‘Elf Mocktail’ recipe to measure out the correct volume in millilitres and litres.


Visitor to Primary 6

Today we had a very special visitor to Primary 6. Abbie’s  Granddad who is an archaeologist came to tell us about his work in connection with the Scottish Wars of Independence. He was involved with bringing the Stone of Destiny back to Scotland and finding Robert the Bruce’s heart at Melrose Abbey. He brought us lots of artefacts which were secondary sources and we enjoyed handling these.

Thank you Mr Wilander- we enjoyed your talk.