P3B Health Display

Look at our amazing crayons. Every colour is unique, just like us.

We have been learning about our strengths and sharing our talents and the things we enjoy.

We read the story of Invisible Sam and have thought of ways we can talk to ourselves to help us to feel good about ourselves e.g. everyone makes mistakes, I will try harder next time.

Tonight we have taken home a home activity to share our thoughts on what makes us unique with our adults. We are looking forward to seeing the positive things our adults say about us too.


Bearings Challenge

To help us practise our work on bearings we played a fun game where we were blindfolded and had to listen carefully to our partner’s instructions using the bearings vocabulary we have been learning about.  We had to move using compass points, degrees and clockwise and anticlockwise turns. It was much harder than it looks!

cooking challenge

We have been very busy learning about food and farming and have had great fun cooking omelettes, soup, mince and tatties and pancakes.  Louise Forsyth has set us a challenge!

Can you cook a meal for the family that uses some of the skills you have learned in class?  You need to take photographs to show you preparing the meal.  The winners will receive one of these lovely aprons! Good luck!

Our apron winners in p4b were:
Drew, Daisy, PJ, Chloe, Kate, Ethan, Robyn, John and Eliana.  Well done to everyone who made a meal for their family and keep cooking!

RHET Vegetable Soup

Thank you RHET for teaching Primary 5 how to make vegetable soup.  We all enjoyed washing, chopping, and grating the vegetables.  It was also very interesting finding out about where different vegetables came from and about the time of year they were available.  We all agreed that the soup was delicious.

Homemade soup with RHET

We had a lovely morning making vegetable soup with RHET. We learned how to chop and prepare vegetables in a way that was safe and kept all the nutrients in. It was the perfect thing to make and eat on a cold January morning.